Thursday, July 09, 2020

The Pitch Pushes Pay For Play Prize

For small local biz, there are at least half a dozen newsies that local can "support" in order to garner high praise . . . Here's a not-so-alternative offer:

The Pitch's 'Best of KC' nominations are live now. Weigh in, and shape the future of KC!

Kelcie and Brock from The PItch // Photo by Travis Young The Pitch's Best of Kansas City season has arrived. As of today, nominations are open for this year's Best of KC issue, themed around the 80s, and it's up to you to write in your favorites in Kansas City.


Anonymous said...

This far left propaganda rag will soon cease operations.

Anonymous said...

Hyperblogal has been bragging about stealing copies of the Pitch off the racks and not paying for it for years!