Friday, July 31, 2020

The Dotte Awaits Decision On Charges Against Former KCKPD Chief

Important followup as local activists push for law enforcement accountability across the board . . . Meanwhile, this prosecutor confronts serious political opposition that would likely push back hard against a prosecution targeting police.

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A year after getting case, DA hasn't decided whether to charge former KCKPD chief

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Over a year has passed since a criminal investigation was launched against former Kansas City, Kansas, Police Chief Terry Zeigler. Wyandotte County District Attorney Mark Dupree still hasn't announced a decision on charges. At issue is the KCK lake house that Zeigler rented from the city in 2016 for $19,000.


Anonymous said...

Let's see his list of expenses and let the public see what's written. I do know cleaning, painting and getting windows to work properly can be a pia.

My first thought of when Ms. Grant complained about the house usage was just jealousy. Why Zeigler? That particular home sets on a private drive so that is one I have never personally seen - is it a piece of junk house or livable as is? I can't tell you.

I've always thought the state should claim eminent domain on that particular lake mostly because of fisheries mismanagement. UG doesn't know what's in there swimming. Last I heard was the lake hasn't been managed by KS game wardens since 2004. Hope I'm wrong about that.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea.. You can be a mayor, a police chief, a fire chief, a dog catcher etc... You get a salary and then you go pay to live somewhere. The deal was a sweetheart deal.

Anonymous said...

The deal was part of his compensation. There is much more to job compensation than just a salary. It can take any form besides monetary, including in this case trading free leasehold in exchange for sweat equity.

Anonymous said...

So what would or could he be tried for charge wise?