Friday, July 03, 2020

T-Mobile Kills Sprint 5G

Continued aftermath following this acquisition that will undoubtedly result in more local jobs lost . . . Read more:

T-Mobile shuts down Sprint's 5G network as the two carriers continue to integrate

T-Mobile has completely shut down Sprint's 2.5GHz midband 5G network as the company continues its efforts to merge Sprint's network with its own following the landmark merger of the two companies earlier this year, via Fierce Wireless .


Anonymous said...

Telephonic arithmetic TM+S+TM!

(T-MOBIL plus SPRINT equals T-MOBIL)

This merger brought to you by Engulf & Devour.

Anonymous said...

Sprint was a loser company the day it opened. Glad its gone. The prima-donna barely working women there will have too find real jobs now. No more work from home in the nude. No more Sprint. No more campus.

Anonymous said...

Sprint will always live on in the future of T-Mobile, even if the name isn't around. It was the best thing that could have happened to Sprint. No shame in it.

Anonymous said...

Well, @10:01, it's certainly not a shame that Sprint and its crappy service is gone, but it's certainly a shame that OPKS was suckered into building that useless "campus" by the crooks who ran Sprint. And its a shame that the remaining Sprint employees didn't have good enough job skills to get out like everyone else did before the curtain fell.

Anonymous said...

When is the ION project gonna be done?