Thursday, July 30, 2020

Staubio Stays Winning Kansas City High Society With Centurions

Take a look at the glory days of Kansas City upwardly mobile movers & shakers back before the pandemic rendered a great many local jobs obsolete . . . Here's just a bit of high society celebration from our friends at The Independent who caught up with this cowtown's toy train kingpin.

Sadly, queenpin DJ never gets invited to these shindigs.

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Spotlight on Centurions - Nancy Phelps

Nancy Phelps is a member of Centurions Spring Class of 2021. She is the director of community impact at JE Dunn Construction, where she promotes corporate and employee engagement throughout JE Dunn's 21 offices. She works with the Dunn Family Foundation and JE Dunn's corporate philanthropy.


Anonymous said...

Ah the Commie from Nebraska. Whats Staubio up to these days anyway.

Anonymous said...

Which person has done well using criminal methods?

Anonymous said...

"Centurions Spring Cohort 2020-21 on a Benchmarking Trip to Portland"

OMG wonderful Portland!

Anonymous said...

He should be in prison.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Wow...All of those society people in that Centurion members group picture and only one black guy. There may be a woman of color in the front row. Minorities aren't very well represented in the group. We should cancel them.