Friday, July 03, 2020

South Kansas City Pushes Back Against Cerner Public Relations Stunt

Like it or not, THIS POST IS A MUST READ because it offers a neighborhood perspective that's often overlooked by mainstream media and often hidden by social media algorithm . . . Take a look:

Cerner South Kansas City Hillcrest Road

Cerner has been in the news recently about its cultural and societal issues. Kansas City is in upheaval about previous civic and national figure's morals in today's society. We quote: "Cerner has no tolerance for racism and has taken significant steps in recent years to advance diversity and inclusion strategies."


Anonymous said...

The Cerner scam was just one of many that the KCMO electeds bought into enough that they granted the company the largest tax giveaways in the city's long history of being taken to the cleaners.
In that part of town Cerner was always going to build a fortress campus, self-contained and providing lots of services to its employees, and those employees were never going to live in those neighborhoods with such easy access to Johnson County.
So only now Cerner is being criticized for what it was going to do all along.
Private companies exist to employ people, participate in markets, and make money.
Confusing them with social service agencies is a stupid mistake.
Even more stupid when it's made over and over again.

Anonymous said...

Cerner did Kansas City a huge favor by building their headquarters at the old Bannister Mall site. It was totally blighted.

How can anyone argue against a company that has brought thousands of high-paying jobs to Kansas City which creates more jobs for businesses that these employees frequent.

So a few people have to drive a couple of extra blocks to get on I-435. Most people have to drive miles to get on an Interstate so BFD.

Clayton Bigsby said...

They also restructured Blue River Road and replaced a long since closed bridge making it easier to get from Bannister to Red Bridge,but that area will probably just turn into a homeless enclave.

Anonymous said...

At least Cerner brought thousands of high paying jobs to Kansas City and cleaned up several miles of blighted area in KC.

The biggest taxpayer scam is the NFL and Kansas City Chiefs. Clark Hunt's family who lives in Dallas has receved $ Billions in taxpayer funds over the last 50 years.

He has created zero high paying jobs for KC residents and has created zero economic development around Arrowhead Stadium.

Rather he says thank you by charging fans $60 parking when Jackson County Property Tax Payers paid for the stadium, parking lots and stadium renovations.

Think if that money was invested along Paseo, Prospect, Troost, Van Brunt etc with nicely paved roads, proper street lighting, water and sewer lines that function, police stations manned by black police officers and new businesses.

The NFL is playing both poor blacks, hispanics, asians and whites and walking away with $ billions.

Anonymous said...

Cerner is the most employee-unfriendly company in the metro. It's employee turnover rate must be astronomical. The company has lost its way without the founders. That's one reason they've hired outside consultants to help them figure it out.

Clayton Bigsby said...

Wait until they build on the old Honeywell property,should be starting soon,explains the Blue River Rd repair.