Thursday, July 30, 2020

Show-Me Prison Pipeline Crime 'Solution' Moving Forward In Missouri

Record-breaking COVID count, civil unrest and rising violence threaten Missouri . . . The response taking shape is a MASSIVE CRACKDOWN TARGETING YOUNGSTERS.

Take a look:

Parson pushes to send Missouri Juveniles to adult prison as young as 12

JEFFERSON CITY- Governor Parson called for a special session dedicated to violence in Missouri, and one of the things on the agenda is moving the age of a juvenile being tried as an adult to as young as 12 years old. Governor Parson wants the decision to be up to judges and prosecutors.


Anonymous said...

then send them to a boot camp not an adult prison weirdos.

Anonymous said...

The Gov is a child abuse pervert.

Anonymous said...

Weird. But they begin committing adult crimes by 12. If a bitch can punch you, you can punch her. Equality on all levels , bitches.

Anonymous said...

If a 12 year kills you - then YOUR as dead as when a 55 year old kills you! Thats why some nations use child soldiers. 12 year olds are adults - they grown up earlier. If they didn't - then then wouldnot be carrying guns and shooting people would they (like adults do).

Anonymous said...

in depth Logic is your calling!