Monday, July 06, 2020

Show-Me Guv Parson Pushing Cooperation With Po-Po Amid KCMO Homicide Spike

The GOP leader also backs tougher prison sentences in support of law enforcement that counters recent police protest . . . Read more:

MO Gov. Parson urges leaders to 'get behind law enforcement'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Now is the time to "stand up and support" law enforcement, according to Missouri Gov. Mike Parson, who recently visited the family of the Kansas City, Missouri, police officer who was critically injured last week in the line of duty.


Tells is like it is said...

Good for him! Don't get bogged down in the victim bullshit this mayor would love to shove him in.

You own it Q. So don't ask a GOP gov to bail your sorry democrap ass out.

Anonymous said...

What can you do about our corrupt prosecutor, Mr. Parsons? She keeps letting all of the violent felons off.

Anonymous said...

Way past time for the local TV stations, the Star, and others to state the demographics and geographical boundaries of the vast majority of KCMO homicides.
Hint: It's black people killing each other.
Even the dad of the young girl murdered in Atlanta said, "We're killing our own".
You can't even begin to ameliorate a problem, much less work to solve it if you don't have the integrity and guts to even define it.
The cowardly local politicos run for cover at the thought of making an honest statement about this.
But it's a great opportunity for some serious courageous local "journalist".
Are there any left?

Anonymous said...

When anyone in the media or government and especially activist speaks they express the problem as if these murders are perpetrated equally across all of the population (with a straight defiant face) thus we all must make change to our laws and attitudes.

Eliminate the black perpetrators from the equation and it would greatly reduce the daily murders and other violent crimes both locally and nationally thereby putting an end to the wholesale slaughter of blacks and innocent collateral damage.

Thousands upon thousands of black lives are lost yearly at the hands of other blacks a fact that is somehow invisible to BLM and their media enablers. This is not an oversight. How could it possibly be.

Anonymous said...

This incompetent Politician is far too late to start speaking up for law and order. He has disgraced the office. Grietens on the other hand would have done things very differently and much better.