Friday, July 24, 2020

Show-Me GOP Against Stimulus Part Deux From Missouri Senator Hawley

The junior Senator doesn't have a lot of compassion for the the Prez or his constituents . . .

“It’s probably better not to get anything at all than to get something bad,” said Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO). “What’s the public going to do? They’re gonna look at this like, no, wait a minute—does this help me get back to work? Does this help my kids get back to school? Does this give me some security, or is this just like more funding for this, that, and the other special interest?”

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Republicans Aren't Sure Saving Trump With a Stimulus Package Is Worth It

Each day more and more is riding on Congress's latest bill to respond to the coronavirus crisis-the struggling public health system, a cratering economy and, increasingly, President Donald Trump's sinking chances at a second term.

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Anonymous said...

Hawley is too stupid to imagine what a Democrat can do in every election this November... "My Party passed a Second Stimulus Bill - if it wasn't for my Opponent's Party, you'd have $1,200 more in your pocket by now"!