Shawnee Mission North Petition Declares WAR Against Native American Mascot

Paywall coverage of a low-rent suburban online effort . . . Checkit:

SM North alumni start petition to change Indian mascot by school's 100th anniversary in 2022

Three years after the district stood by Shawnee Mission North's Indian mascot, alumni are calling for a change by the school's 100th anniversary in 2022. Organizer Amy Hastings, a 2011 alumna, said the current political climate and conversations about social change initially encouraged her to start the petition and Facebook group SMN Alumni Against Cultural Appropriation.


  1. Fucking pussies only newly joined alumni is pushing this shit.

    How about forcing the SME Lancers to change their name as Lancers supports violence.

  2. The Bitter Truth7/5/20, 8:33 AM

    There are always two mascots, one is an Indian princess, and the other an Indian warrior. The students acting as an Indian princess and warrior are always a male and female senior. The outfits they wear while playing these parts were modeled off of the Shawnee Indians of Oklahoma. The Indian warrior originated in 1975 with a student's Halloween costume, which proved so popular he joined the traditional Indian princess as mascot.

    After a banner for Shawnee Mission North was removed from the Lawrence High School gym at the request of the LHS Inter-Tribal Club in 2017,[10] the Shawnee school district responded that the school has had the permission of the Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma since 1992 and had no plans to review the use of their mascot.[11] Upon being told about the LHS action, the current Chief of the Eastern Shawnee Tribe stated that she appreciates that Shawnee Mission North showed respect in 1992, however the use of images of Plains Indians rather than Woodland Indians is inaccurate and the use of the "tomahawk chop" by fans at games is inappropriate.[12] The Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma's business council on March 10, 2017 approved a resolution formally rescinding the permission granted in 1992 for the use of the Indian as a mascot.

  3. Why doesn’t Shawnee Mission North just give up sports since they are never worth a fuck at anything?

  4. some of the indian-themed names and mascots are vulgar and should be changed.

    those which are honorific, however, help preserve the heritage of native americans in our culture.

    if surveyed, 95% of americans would have a positive feeling for preserving native american heritage respectfully.

  5. If surveyed 95% of Americans would say we have bigger problems to worry about than fake racism. Let’s focus on pandemics and regimes with ICBMs . I don’t give two fucks about fake BLM and insulting Indians

  6. Well said, F Don Lemon. And 8:26, why stop there? Lancers, Raiders, Vikings ... all conjure up images of dominance or violence. Can’t have that. Worth considering: SME Rainbows, SMS Kittens, SMW Unicorns.

  7. Weren't the Shawnee a tribe of Native Americans?
    Shouldn't the town be changing its name?
    Maybe to something like Mission To The Karens, Kansas?

  8. Rename all the schools after animals. No chance of getting sued or generating protests then. Unless.......animal rights activists chime in.

  9. Last I knew all the kids at SM North were pussies. The worse their shitty teams got beat, the better they liked it. Then they would all suck each other.

  10. shawnee mission rural high school was the first big high school in northeast JoCo, with a great student body. southwest in missouri, of course, was even more of a powerhouse.

    then, shawnee mission east supplanted shawnee mission north in the late 1950s.

    these days, blue valley north has a great student group.

  11. The political correctness garbage continues to gain steam. A few left-wing losers stuck in their parent's basement in northern Johnson County need to get a job instead of worrying about an Injun Chief at a failing High School.

  12. Byron Funkhouser7/5/20, 6:50 PM

    Change the name.

    "I don’t give two fucks about fake BLM and insulting Indians."

    There you go.

    You no longer have the blessing of the Shawnee People.

    That matters to some people.

    We're the regime with the worst pandemic, & we're the regime with the most ICBM's

    Lame deflection & whataboutism.

    Change the name.

  13. If not for honoring the American Indian by naming things after them they will be forgotten.


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