Monday, July 27, 2020

Rock Chalk Fight Against Systemic Racism

Lawrence, Kansas leaders dedicate big money to this campaign season struggle . . . Read more:

Kansas city makes addressing systemic racism budget priority

LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) - Leaders of a Kansas city have pledged to make systemic racism a key budget priority in upcoming years. The Lawrence City Commission on Saturday outlined the goal as part of the city's new strategic plan, the Lawrence Journal-World reported.


Anonymous said...

Kansas City pledge to make systemic racism a key budget? Ha Ha Ha and where's that money going to go?
The only racism that is going on right now is by the democrats who have twisted everything Trump has said to fit their narrative. Some black people aren't getting enough attention so they riot to get their way. You either believe the liberal way or you are labeled racist, but yet the squad has spewed nasty racism and it's never talked about. The only racists are the ones on the streets pushing communism threw racism. They are trying to fight make believe racism with racism.

Anonymous said...

Complete bullshit. Virtue signaling posing as meaningful governance.

Anonymous said...

How does government "change" the attitudes of millions of people whose values and points of view have been shaped by the adults in their lives while growing up, mainly their parents, and their life experiences, including interactions with other identifiable groups of people?
Hire consultants and spend millions on forums and training programs.
And pass ordinances telling people what they should think and do.
Then after the electeds have solved "systemic racism and police brutality", focus on passing laws making climate change illegal.
Anyone who buys into any of this crap hasn't been paying attention for many many years.
Your clueless overseers at work.

Anonymous said...

Not worried at all about their Players allegations of raping Rowing team members and harassing the Women victims, however. Funny how Dat works. Weird set of value systems and Ethics.

Anonymous said...

Lawrence is probably 95% homosexuals anyway. They specialize in virtue signaling.

Same old crap said...

No one could have said it better.

Anonymous said...

The city is fighting systemic racism???

It’s about 75% black now, what more do they want? Or is it they’ve finally realized that blacks are racist...... nah, what was I thinking.

Anonymous said...

FBI investigating Kansas men's basketball for bribes and paying players.

Basketball players accused of raping co-ed's.

But lets spend millions on fake racism.

DEFUND public universities.

Universities have become Communist re-education camps.

The Ayatollah said...

Oh yea Lawrence is so ripe with systemic racism, and prejudice. This is hilarious...