Wednesday, July 29, 2020


Just a bit of hope OR microchip warning for our friends wearing tinfoil caps . . . Read more:

KU Med And Children's Mercy To Lead Clinical Trials Of Promising COVID-19 Vaccine

A COVID-19 vaccine developed by Oxford University and pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca will be tested locally as part of a clinical trial seeking to enroll 30,000 participants nationwide. The University of Kansas Medical Center and Children's Mercy Hospital will lead the local effort, which calls for the recruitment of 1,500 participants in Kansas and Missouri.


Anonymous said...

they're looking for people who are out and about do they they have some potential exposure to getting sick.

do you go to the ozarks parties? volunteer!

Anonymous said...

it's nice to have ku med in kansas city.

Anonymous said...

LOL, and yet we have already Hydroxychloroquine + z pack + zinc available as safe, effective cure for around $30.

Anonymous said...

Now we know the director of the KU Med Center just spoke against Hydroxychloroquine. There is money to be made in a clinical trial.