Sunday, July 26, 2020

Progressives Champion Embattled Prosecutor In The Dotte

Police and mainstream politicos have found themselves sparing with this local lawman . . . Now here's the alt-left taking up his cause as he lashes out at the po-po.

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Reform Prosecutor in Kansas Excluded From "Objective" Task Force on Policing

"Racism exists everywhere," David Alvey, the mayor of Kansas City, Kansas, said at a press conference in early June inside a mostly empty city hall. "But when you have racism in a place where someone has power over another individual, then it can become especially destructive and lethal."


Anonymous said...

they need to do the right thing, not be hijacked for politics.

Anonymous said...

KCK is one of the most corrupt municipalities on planet Earth. The BPU alone could make Stalin era communists look like amateurs.

Anonymous said...

He's another interesting mix of a preacher and elected official.
Which mostly doesn't work out very well.
And his approach to combining "social justice" with the law appears to be that certain people can pick and choose the laws that they obey.
Lots of that going around.
Just ask smiley selfies kneely Lucas.

Anonymous said...

He's not a reform prosecutor, he's a soros socialist shill. I wouldn't want this bozo anywhere near where people are talking about about criminal justice.

Anonymous said...

The two prosecutors are noted for their political motivated actions. Hardly noted for any objectivity or for that matter, integrity. The panel did want a Jackass to poop in their water. Who could blame them? He was not going to bring good faith to the effort.

Anonymous said...

Good, he can just concentrate on being prosecutor only - no distractions.

Same old crap said...

You said that right. Soros hands is in that mess some how