Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Prez Trump Clowns Kobach Border Wall

The fundraising effort falls under its own weight and earns rebuke from the Commander-In-Chief . . . Checkit:

Trump rips private border wall built by group tied to Kobach

HOUSTON - President Donald Trump on Sunday criticized a privately built border wall in South Texas that's showing signs of erosion months after going up, saying it was "only done to make me look bad," even though the wall was built after a months-long campaign by his supporters.The group that raised money online for the wall promoted itself as supporting Trump during a government shutdown that started in December 2018 because Congress wouldn't fund Trump's demands for a border wall.


Anonymous said...

Poor Trump. He brings to mind the Coaster's song, Charlie Brown. "Why is everybody always pickin' on me?"

Anonymous said...

hahahaha. Everything Trump touches Dies! Headline should read "Local rubes build wall on border to placate their Dear Leader, wall is shit, Dear Leader mocks them"