Thursday, July 30, 2020


The Commander-In-Chief is leaving his former favorite to fend for himself and won't weigh in on the preliminary fight to keep Kansas as a reliably red state. Read more:

Trump tells associates on Air Force One he will not intervene in Kansas' US Senate GOP primary

President Donald Trump indicated to associates during a flight on Air Force One on Wednesday that he would not intervene in the US Senate Republican primary in Kansas despite the fears among top Republicans that the state could elect a nominee who will lose the seat and thus the Senate, according to three sources with knowledge of the conversation.


Anonymous said...

Trump does know how to handicap a race. He won't touch this one because all of the GOP candidates are losers. None of them will beat Bollier.

Trump actually did try to intervene in this race. All last year. He begged and pleaded for his boy Mike Pompeo to run. He said it out loud several times. He wanted Mike to run because he was the only one that he thought could win the seat.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Kris, "loyalty" is a one-way street when you're dealing with a sociopathic narcissist.

This should be a warning to all those who've tied their wagon to this spavined horse's ass - there will be no "anybody but Hillary" vote this time around.

Anonymous said...

^^Yep and they also should take the lesson of Poor old Herman Cain to hear too. Geriatric-fucktard went to a super spreader rally in Tulsa, wouldn't wear a mask, and boom! Caught the Rona nine days later. Being loyal to Trump kills!

Anonymous said...

Watching these Republican candidates eat each other is really fun. Shout out to the Dems putting out the hit pieces on Roger tho.

It's really neat to watch TV ads where the main talking point is who sucks Trump's dick the hardest too.