Saturday, July 04, 2020

Newsflash: Kansas City Star Helps Mayor Quinton Lucas Blame Missouri Guv Parson & GOP For Historic Homicide Count

The cynical rhetoric pronounced yesterday by Mayor Quinton Lucas was greeted with a resounding THUD by social media, the community and our readers. And now an op/ed safely hidden by a paywall is unlikely to rally much support to a political gambit that tragically takes the place of real work toward a solution.

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After 2 KCPD officers shot, Gov. Mike Parson sends prayers. But KC needs more than that

We all join Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas in his heartbreak and disgust over the violence that's so out of control that three kids were killed here last week. One of them, a 4-year-old who had survived heart surgery, was shot in his own big-boy bed, during a driveby shooting.


Anonymous said...

HaHaHaHa Blame Parson's??? Typical democrat create chaos and kneel in the street to thugs and then blame some one else for the tyranny.

NO it's Lucas the chief of police and Peters Baker that have the blood on their hands. You people let this mess start and are running the city not Parson's.

Anonymous said...

The old geezers are pooping in their pants early this morning. ugh, ugh.

Byron Funkhouser said...

If you can't see the connection between gun control, or the lack thereof, & violence, then you're mentally ill.

Gun owners shoot people.

People who don't have guns don't shoot people.

Clearly, the problem is gun owners.

Anonymous said...

Of course, actually, Byron, felons shoot other people.
If you take the time to ride along with the police in KCMO, particularly in East Patrol in the middle of the night, you NEVER come across a weapon roaming the streets on its own.
You DO come across groups of pre-teen children on street corners at 2:30am.
And you do race from call to call as the undermanned department tries to RESPOND to phone calls for help from residents who live in that part of town and are the most tired and fed up with the levels of violence and crime in their neighborhoods.
It's not "gun violence", so give that empty phrase a rest.
It's people's behavior, lack of respect for themselves and others, and ever-increasing lack of even human decency to a point where it's possible for someone to fire a weapon aimlessly into an occupied apartment killing a 4 year-old boy in his own bed, as just took place in KCMO.
If you want to disarm the felons and multiple murderers in KCMO, you need to become a supporter of stop and frisk, so the police can go to the specific part of town here all this takes place and confiscate the guns.
If that's what what you support, you're nothing but another uninformed do-gooder slinging empty slogans and willfully ignoring reality.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like gun violence to me also. It's a three syllable phrase and it's easy to say.

Anonymous said...

We're all on pins and needles waiting for the Star's upcoming and much self-ballyhooed series on gun violence. I just hope they don't muddy the waters by mentioning the Second Amendment or who's doing nearly all the killing with guns. Gosh, I wonder what the Star will say? Any guesses?

Anonymous said...

Wait....assholes like Byron want to defund the police and STILL TAKE AWAY YOUR GUNS????????????

Anonymous said...

bLIEron is dead so I don’t know who that idiot is using his name.

But the comment does resemble something bLIEron would say, typically stupid and ill informed. What people of his ilk refuse to believe is there are convicted felons and murderous negroes with hundreds of thousands of illegal guns and millions of rounds of ammo every where.

The laws are on the books already but retards like bLIEron scream and riot because when the murderous blacks get caught and go to court they cry like little babies that prison is too much so they only give them probation and guess what? They keep getting illegal guns, kill somebody get probation again and keep right on killing.

You people disgust the entire world, only in America does this stupid shit happen over and over in dimwit run cities and then they complain it’s somebody else’s fault. Demand that the government fix their fuck ups and then turn around and ignore or enforce the current laws and it starts all over again.

Despicable dimwits = Murphy’s law. If it can go wrong it will, that’s killa shitty, mayor Lucas and his roving band of clowncil members.

Anonymous said...

just illegal guns chud.

Tracy Thomas said...

I don't like these strings of five stories in one comment section, Tony.
We are a distracted tribe. Can't remember what we want to comment on, by the time the gate opens.
Please Tony: stop bundling. Go back to one story, one comment. KISS.

So I think this was about Mayor McKneely asking Gov. Parson to convene a special session of the Mo. Leg. to--solve rising murder rate??

That's funny, right there. It's July. Will Santa make an appearance?? And is Mayor Quinton Lucas the new Elf on the Shelf for Jeff City???

Please name three concrete actions these clowns might collectively take!

That's OK, take your time...I'll wait, here in Joco, while you sharpen your pencils.

Free ice cream?
Take down the statue of the little boy fishing on the Plaza?
Reparations?? I'm sure those funds would be well-invested, and turn their lives around...Will those be in cash? Bitcoin? Accounts at Financial Engines, formerly the Mutual Fund Store???

Gov. Parson, the man who won't return phone calls from Mark and Patricia McCloskey in St.L, about a second wave of protesters already threatening to destroy their restored home of the daughter of Augie Busch?

Jesus, Governor. At least send in the National Guard to protect the McCloskey's DOG!!!!

And Mayor McKneely? Who willingly kneeled along with the Police Chief--while being badgered by some screaming baby mama? At what, the first of the last 11 riots on the Plaza??

Expecting the Mo. Legislature to solve ANYthing is like watching CNN and Morning Joe and expecting America to start acting right.

Anonymous said...

Retard, the gun owners in the shithole ghetto shoot other people. Understand, retard?

Anonymous said...

@8:55am...Who the fuck are you kidding cocksucker? That braindead motherfucker Byron wants to defund the police and still take away our guns.

So fuck him and fuck you too.

Charlie said...

You sir are an idiot. What gun laws have ever stopped the thugs in this city from arming themselves? None dumbass. Hide in your Brookside home until the disease East of Troost makes it a few blocks to your house. Then you will be singing a different tune

Anonymous said...

I don't recall Byron saying defund the police. A lot of people say that. Why single out one person?

What part of illegal guns do you not understand 9:38?

Anonymous said...

Tracy is right.
Mayor 10-10-10 is letting his 35 years of existence and inexperience shine.
His namesake 10-10-10 plan was the mockery of the US and radio had a field day.
So many businesses laid bare and gone because of 10-10-10.

Back to achievements of Mayor 10-10-10.

He has no plan for Black on Black murders. None. Ask for intervention is akin to political suicide. Does he really want the feds to run his business? Weak.

Take a look at what NY City did. Yes - they hired more police. They got tough on crime. What did Mayor 10-10-10 do? Let protesters off the hook. Weak. Spineless. He sided with criminals over the Police. Talk about team- builders...

What’s Mayor 10-10-10’a plan for the KC school district? If they can’t go back.. is he working on getting good internet to the poor kids who can’t afford it? You mean he didn’t think of it and it’s maybe too late? What else has Mayor 10-10-10 not thought of? Weak weak weak.

KC- voters... next time you go to the polls... do some due diligence on candidates. If one is sitting in a car sleeping off a pint or two...ask yourself what else he/she didn’t think of.

Need another one? Want to see more weakness? Watch how he handles pension increases and salary increase for Police and Fire. Remember he said he wouldn’t have it city controlled.

What’s the Mayor’s number one job? Safety! How safe are the 100 killed.. the homicides this year? And his plan? The emperor has no clothes.

Reality Speaker said...

Why do you people even comment on Byron's crap. As soon as I see his name I move right by. He doesn't live anywhere near here. No one else in the country allows him to post his nonsense. Pay no attention.

Anonymous said...

Incompetent people always deflect responsibility away from themselves. I agree that the Missouri Governor proved to be timid and ineffective but the murder rate in KCMO will only rise because of the phony Mayor who is defunding the PD when the murder rate was already rising. Both are paragons of incompetence but the Murder rate has everything to do with thug life culture. There is a segment of our demographic that cannot adapt and succeed in society. Born losers. That's the real root cause here. PC culture will not allow examination.

Anonymous said...

Reality, I get what you’re saying, but Shithouser is, without a doubt, the most ignorant SOB to post on this site, and that’s saying something. I have a legal handgun that I have had for more than 20 years and it has never shot anyone. As a matter of fact, it’s never left the drawer without my permission despite Shithouser’s theory that guns act on their own. Why Old Man Shithouser didn’t pull out just a little faster is one of the world’s greatest tragedies.

Anonymous said...

KChomo needs new elected officials that are not serving the criminals. Like BLM needs to address the people that commit the majority murders instead of blaming cops . Weird

Anonymous said...

Exactly!! And his last name is Funkhouser, as if that's a sign of genius in this town! LOL

Anonymous said...

Heck Byron, it would help if you did reside in the k.c area somewheres.

For you few others - seems Byron is trying to explain that 2+2=4 and you just won't have none of it.

Anonymous said...

Byron is more akin to a mathmatics equation that infinitely approach zero.

Anonymous said...

Pamela Anderson has had so many lovers her body is worn out. Why not post a picture of a nubile virgin girl instead. I dont want to see a "used car" ready for the junkyard with rust and dents and plastic body putty patches.

Anonymous said...

^^ he lives! wrong thread tho hef.

The Ayatollah said...

Tons of Blacks will murder other blacks this weekend, but don’t worry they will take down a statue, and the problem will be solved. I will fight systemic racism with anyone who can show which system is racist .

Anonymous said...

Quinton Lucas and the Kansas City Star are encouraging all this violence. They are both in league with these dangerous gangsters who are burning, looting and shooting the police. Both are bad for KC. Lucas fooled everyone by pretending to be a mature, enlightened adult in order to get elected. But if violence and chaos is what you want then Quinton Lucas is your man !