Thursday, July 16, 2020

KCPD Talks De-escalation

A conversation about use-of-force by law enforcement now that the choke-hold is out of favor . . . And possibly illegal.

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How Kansas City Police Are Trained To Use Force, And De-Escalate Tense Situations

We learned how officers in the Kansas City Police Department are trained to respond to rapidly-changing and often unpredictable situations. Maj. Charles Huth , commander of the Traffic Division, Kansas City Police Department


Anonymous said...

de-escalation would be good, were they to do it.

Anonymous said...

The best way for the cops to de-escalate in the shithole ghetto? Just start shooting hood rats.

Anonymous said...

"I'm in fear for my life!" BLAM!

Anonymous said...

B urn
L oot
M urder

Anonymous said...

Best way to de-escalate a situation is to beat the motherfuckers into a coma, starting with the Woke mob marxist assholes.