Friday, July 10, 2020

KCPD Body Cameras Delayed

After a celebratory announcement amid recent County Club Plaza unrest . . . It turns out the tech and legality of this move is harder to figure out than officials realized.

Check the update:

Outfitting KCPD with body cameras still being worked out

Last month, Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas signed a list of demands from protesters. The second item on that list was getting body cameras on Kansas City police officers as soon as possible.Just days after demonstrations began in the city, leaders took a big step in making that a reality.


Anonymous said...

Lucas is a dumbass. Signing a list of demands is the sign of a weak and stupid person. This jerk is a lawyer and teaches law? You have got to be kidding me.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet he's still better than you are. You're here. He wins.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^So far Lucas ain't won shit nor have you.

The Bitter Truth said...

What policy?

If you're on duty the camera is on unless you're in the locker room or a bathroom.

Okay the federal, states and cities have all made rules that there is to be separation of Government and religion. This same applies to schools.

So why is it every time there is a working group or so called committee to discuss government rule or policy around here Clergy is always a part of that group.

How about either reversing those laws and rules or no longer have the clergy involved all the time with every thing.

Anonymous said...

Police body cameras are actually the worst thing all the folks who make excuses for the folks who get arrested or stopped could possible imagine.
Now there will be video of the interaction BEFORE the kinds of video that you constantly see of the police trying to protect themselves or make an appropriate arrest. Next will come the wails from the usual suspects that those videos should NEVER have been made public.
Given the details in the FBI report of the Michael Brown episode, it sure would have been inconvenient if the cop had recorded it all on a body camera. And keep in mind that the FBI at the time was part of the Eric Holder/Obama Justice Department.
Be careful what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

And yet Lucas won the mayor's race for KC and you're here. Hmm.. he wins again!

Anonymous said...

"If you're on duty the camera is on unless you're in the locker room or a bathroom."

As someone who worked in the industry, you'd have to carry a brick sized battery around all day if you wanted to leave the camera on the entire shift.

Anonymous said...

^^^^price you have to pay to protect yourself.

Anonymous said...

Lucas made a very dramatic show of "signing" a list of demands made by the (unmasked) thugs standing in front of city hall a few weeks ago. I'm betting that piece of paper was as blank as his mind is. Most of the things he "promised" are well beyond his scope of authority. It was all a useless gesture. If you haven't noticed, this mayor wants to be liked by everyone and will do and say anything to achieve that.