Sunday, July 05, 2020

KCMO Pretends To Read Survey Results

A hopeful missive that might not realize 12th & Oak only uses data to back up predetermined policy mandates . . . Usually decided by way of corporate input.

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Help shape KC's future with city's online survey

By Jill Draper What one thing would improve Kansas City the most? What one thing have you enjoyed about visiting another city that might be incorporated here? What one thing concerns you the most? Do you want more equity in housing? Better community centers? More public transit?


Anonymous said...

Will there be questions about who’s the most murderous people in kc are?

If only we could speak the cold hard truth about what we really think about being the fifth most murderous city in the world.

Will there be questions about what we think about mayor mckneely and the worst clowncil ever to grace killa shitty?

Will there be questions about what we think of the school system, the infrastructure, the outrageous taxes, the outrageous water bills?

Anonymous said...

^^^^No there won't and it there was the city would rig the voting as in every time someone voted negative it would add two positive votes.

Anonymous said...

Definitely not! How dare you bring up all the problems with this city, I mean HOW FUCKIN DARE YOU! we’re in the most prosperous and momentous times of our life’s... wait, what? Oh, sorry, that was back in the day before the cleave started the ruination of kc and turned it into killa shitty, never mind.

greg said...

Pictures are accurate. Men used to roll up their sleeves and work hard to get somewhere in life. Now pretty girls take off their clothes, sleep with the boss, and get promotions over hard working smarter men. So business suffers as a result

Retro ROCKER said...

Hundreds of thousands KANSAS CITY Residence Visit The Lake of the Ozarks and Central Missouri this weekend.To get away from the Metropolitan DRAMA. And they tell you .That is why they leave the City on the Weekends. In the coming year's the City's population will leave. And The City's new Tourists will be Criminals. Y

Anonymous said...

KCMO needs an actual city government.
What it's had for decades is nothing more than a little insider club of clowns sitting on a $1.4 billion slush fund handing out tax dollars to friends, developers, insiders, campaign contributors, consultants, grifters, and friends.
The results are there for all to see.
And the poor folks who actually are residents of this little burg to have to pay and pay for.
The town's clearly swirling out of control and the electeds are cowering somewhere at 12th and Oak.
And blaming everybody but themselves and the goons causing the trouble.
Quite a show!

Anonymous said...

The girls at DSt Systems didnt work. They "slept" their way to success. Funny how they always slept with only men that could promote them! Married or not!

Anonymous said...

Women selling themselves is the oldest profession they all fall back on. Men on the other hand build things to be used. Thats why men have always been far ahead of women until the last 40 years. Now women prostitute themselves in the workplace.

Anonymous said...

Well let's see....

1.) By the end of June 2020, KC had pretty much hit the century mark in murders and is on a pace to blow the old murder record out of the water by year's end and is cementing itself as one of the most murderous cities in our nation per capita

2.) This city hasn't see a corporate welfare deal (aka, TIF, incentives, etc) it didn't like or grant to any developer that comes calling to the point where this city redirects and flat out gives money by the 10s of millions of dollars ANNUALLY to corporations and developers. All the while our schools, infrastructure and public safety suffer (yeah, we are having to cut 10 million dollars to the police budget and layoff 200 cops here in KillaCity. Makes perfect sense).

3.) In large part because of item #2, taxes are high. Which affects the lower and middle classes most of all when over 10 cents of every dollar they spend goes to taxes. It's a proven economic fact that when you tax something you get less of it. So when you tax an already over taxed populace you get less spending and less overall access to wealth and other financial needs people need. Which is provides a large negative impact on the economy overall.

So, to answer the question of what this city needs....? Let's start by addressing those 3 things and we can build from there. This city is spiraling the drain fast and there exists no evidence that our elected leaders know how to (or even want) to fix the real problems troubling this city.