Sunday, July 05, 2020

KCK Suffers Double Homicide Overnight

Local violence surges this 4th of July weekend . . . Here's one example out of many:

KCK police working two homicides overnight

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - KCK police detectives were busy overnight, working two homicides. The first came as a shooting call just before 2:30 a.m. in the 10000 block of Ridge Avenue. Officers arrived and found an Hispanic male dead at the scene.


Anonymous said...

Notice they said Hispanic man but they never say Black man. Wonder why that is? Hispanics better put on their riot gear, That's racist profiling.

Tracy Thomas said...

Tony only counts the homicides in KCMO.

Does his abacus not go high enough to do the count in KCK???

Anonymous said...

Because BLACK would reported in about 90 PERCENT of the Homicides . BLM would not permit that. Neither would all these NEWS MEDIA and Rainbow kool aid kids.

Kessler Park Fan said...

What Is The KC-KS Homicide Total To Date For 2020 (where can it be found)?

Anonymous said...

Last I heard KC,KS doesn't report crime stats to the FBI, so you have to guess.