Thursday, July 02, 2020

KCK Protests Against Suspected Creeper Cop

Nasty allegations about in this demonstration and the recorded allegations have shaken police across the State Line to their core . . . Check the latest:

Lawmakers And Social Justice Leaders Call For Expanded Probe Into Former Kansas City, Kansas, Police Detective

Lawmakers and social justice leaders on Thursday called for an expanded investigation into allegations of sexual violence by former Kansas City, Kansas, Police Detective Roger Golubski. In a letter to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, signed by 27 state legislators and 16 social justice and faith organizations, the group pleaded for holding Golubski and the police department accountable.


Anonymous said...

Where's your masks???? You idiots are so quick at blaming Trump for something he's not reasonable for and look at you! Son of a bitches!

Anonymous said...

Someone told me recently that the family of Mayor David Alvey has been in the fireworks business in KCK for a long time. Is that over in Turner?