Thursday, July 23, 2020

KC Pet Project Stays Winning Animal Control Services And Will NEVER Have To Pay Cash They Promised Taxpayers For New Digs

A final transfer of power reminds us that this group said they would raise MILLIONS to help cover the cost of a new shelter . . . That money never materialized and KCMO stopped asking about it . . . Here's the final victory, a preview of future layoffs and reasonable questions about how a no-kill shelter can service the entire city.

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City Council votes to transfer animal control services to KC Pet Project

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A two-year journey to transfer animal control from the city to KC Pet Project is over. The Kansas City Council voted 11-2 to outsource the service to the nonprofit during Thursday's meeting, but it wasn't without debate. "We brought a lot of life-saving progressive policies to Kansas City, and we put [...]


Anonymous said...

The money doled out for the new animal shelter is at least doing something constructive. I’d much rather see tax dollars spent on helpless animals than more waste on 18th and Vine, ad hoc crime prevention groups, etc.

Anonymous said...

But the money spent on the animal shelter was promised to be $11m that’s what the voters were told. Then it climbed to $14m the $18 m then $20m. If Rhoshann Parris from Johnson Countyand friend of Billand Hillary didn’t bring in the cash she promised, the City was on the hook for about $30m. The voters were promised some of that money was going to other projects. Voters get screwed gain.

Anonymous said...

Now they can actually do something about the roaming dogs instead of just bragging about their over-priced facility. Don't they owe the city about $10 million ? So glad we the taxpayers are going to get to pay for it again.

Anonymous said...

TOLD YOU SO!!!, now you stupid voters REMEMBER this next time you vote and don’t fall prey to these feel good schemes designed to make you vote to give away tax payer money! What did all that go bond money do for this city except put is in more debt, and certain debtors are given a free pass. I for one will NOT forgive KC pet project for this ! They had no plans to pay their portion of the expenses, NEVER AGAIN donate to them!

Anonymous said...

8:33 pegged it. Stop giving it to the 18th and killa city land animals. Give to the pets that animals like these abandon and abuse.