Saturday, July 11, 2020

KC Blogger Considers Community Vs. Individual Blame For Sin Of Racism

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When the idea of individual sin isn't enough

It's oversimplifying things to put it this way, but within Christianity there are, broadly, two sometimes-competing ideas about sinfulness. One suggests that sin is always individual in nature. The other, while acknowledging individual sin, suggests that sin often is systemic...


Oswald said...

In his column, which allows NO comments, Bill has told us that sin is an outmoded, fundamentalist, concept. But NOW racism is a sin.

Anonymous said...

Was he speaking about how racist and murderous the moose limbs and moose limb religion is?

Anonymous said...

I thought this clown wasn’t going to write anymore.
Funny how egos get to some.
So you want to talk about sins Bill?

Let’s talk about the KC Star.

Write the bankruptcy judge and tell him or her to liquidate it.

They only serve to imposter balance yet take up the liberal perspectives and advocate socialism.
Socialism has failed all across the globe and lead to Communism and worst.
Never has Socialism succeeded.

With that, Bill- there is no room for difference of opinion with liberals.
Conservatives as a whole are racist or or bigots,etc.

That’s why the star has failed and frankly... your writing supports Socialists and thus is very anti-American. That’s why people don’t subscribe.
Your leadership failed- no viable succession plan for the star.

You did not keep your promise of not writing. If you chose to at least make it balanced. We’ve already heard your view and no one is protesting or telling you to stop. Maybe you can continue to write and peddle it to insomniacs.

Or join Putin. He loves the division you create.

Anonymous said...

7:37, of course not. He defends them even though they killed his favorite nephew on 9:11. But his family is very understandind. Yeah, they sure are. You bet.

Anonymous said...

Sucking goat dicks must not be a sin, because Allah sucks goat dick. All Muslims suck goat dick.

Anonymous said...

Bill is a shit disturber.

He promised to quit writing.

Then he writes and won’t allow comments.

As much as I disagree with his brother Jimmy C- he at least allows comments - although funny how almost all are his buddies who side with him.

You see Bill... those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones- that’s why the star failed.

Write the bankruptcy judge and ask them to liquidate it. Send the archives to Putin.

Anonymous said...

7:40 +1000.

Unknown said...

There is no community sin. There are no community rights and no community responsibilities. All this is communist claptrap. Americans believe in individual rights.

Anonymous said...

Community sin is a dog whistle for Communism.
Abortion is a dog whistle to abort black babies. (% of black babies aborted very high... highest)

Bill- do you really support Community sin and abortion?

PS- I thought you said you were going to quit writing?

Put your dog whistle down.

Anonymous said...

7:40 & 7:45 & 8:00: And yet no one--absolutely no one--requires you to read his posts. Maybe you need to get a life and just skip over his posts, which are clearly labeled.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^And maybe you should STFU

Anonymous said...

^^^^Still no life? Sad.

Anonymous said...

Community sin isn't mentioned in the bible, but communities committing the same sin are (Sodom and Gommorah), as there are admonitions for them as well.

That said, the idea that the systemic/institutional racism hoax is a community sin is nothing more than Marxist conditioning to move people away from religion.

The Black community has been afforded far and away more accommodation and opportunities than any other oppressed minority group that has arrived on this continent and the only one that hasn't been able to flourish. Jews, Asians, Italians and the Irish all came here and sometimes suffered worse than any slave yet somehow became successful without government intervention.

Soo, just how long are ALL people supposed to be punished for the failure of one group?

Anonymous said...

If pressed, Tammeus can identify lots of communities that have sinned: the Kulaks, Crimean Tatars, the Mensheviks, the Bourgeois, running dog capitalists, Cambodian intellectuals, to name a few. The penalty for sinning is extermination.

Anonymous said...

9:50...yeah, that's what the Bolsheviks said.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again, Tony, for keeping these mouth breathers off the streets and away from polite society.

Anonymous said...

^^^The reason you can't breathe through your mouth is because it's wrapped around somebody's dick. Try again after you spit or swallow.