Monday, July 20, 2020

Kansas Rep. Watkins Plays Voter Fraud Allegation Blame Game

Serious charges elicit a lame excuse . . . Read more:

Prosecutor: Kansas Congressman Steve Watkins blamed staff for registration

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) - A freshman Kansas congressman misled a sheriff's detective by blaming staff for a problem with his state voter registration form that led to three felony criminal charges, a prosecutor alleged Monday in a new court filing. Republican Rep. Steve Watkins listed a postal box at a UPS Inc.


Anonymous said...

Typical Repubturd response. Starting with Trump the dump. Nothing is EVER their fault! "It's the media!" Whaaaa!! Everyone's out to get me whaaa!!!!! Biggest bunch of shitflakes in the world. Their tears are so salty!

Anonymous said...

Trumpian response for sure. And Trumptard Republicans will be cool with it. It's ALWAYS someone else's fault, unless it's good, then it's totally their doing.