Thursday, July 16, 2020

Kansas Democrats: Run, Kris, Run!!!

Progressives, establishment Democratic Party denizens and housewives are confident in their playbook that could result in a historic win.

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Mystery, Democratic-linked super PAC meddles in Kansas GOP primary

"Kris Kobach: He's too conservative. Kobach won't compromise on building the wall or getting tough on China," the narrator says in the ad. "And Roger Marshall's a phony. After backing a Mitt Romney-like candidate for president, he's been soft on Trump and weak on immigration."


Anonymous said...

Koback being the candidate is really the Dems' only chance and it's not going to happen.
Marshall is perfect for Kansas.
Just as innocuous and unknown as the person the election will replace.
And a party-switching candidate from Mission Hills in Johnson County and with a French-sounding name isn't going to play well anywhere than with her friends.
Kansas US Senators are almost always from the big First District.
And there hasn't been a Dem since the 1930s.
Kris will have a different way to make a living.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Marshall the hit-and-run guy? That wouldn't be good trait in a crisis.

Anonymous said...


No one knows Bollier outside Mission Hills and those who do know she's being pimped by the DNC over way more qualified candidates.

Anonymous said...

^^^^It would be difficult to find any candidates less qualified than the three stooges running against her.