Kansas City Westport Protest Redux

We talked about it last night as it happened . . . Here's the local news followup/promo . . . Read more:

Protesters return to Westport on Saturday night

Protests continued in Kansas City on Saturday night. This time, it took place in front of Kelly's in Westport.


  1. And spineless Lucas allowed such.

    Maybe KCMO needs to hire OPPD to do some real law enforcement.

  2. Maybe lucas should be toppled ? and petersucker ?

  3. Byron Funkhouser7/26/20, 8:14 AM

    He isn't being "spineless", he's just not a wannabe dictator like Der Fuhrer.

    They have the right to assemble.

  4. I thought all it took was bread and circus. Now they want their beer too. Needy proles.

  5. Democratic party is using Black Americans to advance its agenda.

  6. stacy shaw is behind all of this stuff she is the leader of the blm kc

  7. At 8:14, yet when Trump "assembled" at Mt. Rushmore, the left collectively flipped their lids. Weird.

  8. Well at least the owner of Kellys has a super hot wife named Janie!

  9. I like it when protests spill onto the streets. It gives the rest of us a chance to hand out lots of Darwin Awards.

  10. Mayor Lucas: Please reign in Shaw and get these criminals under control.

  11. The fat BLM female protesters couldn't even get picked up at Kelly's during the last beer call at 2:00 a.m.

    Bunch of ugly bull-dykes pissed at the world.

  12. Honestly, who feels like going out to a pub and drinking beer when 1,000 Americans are dying a day of covid? So far 3x as many American deaths as all of the 'Nam war. 50x the deaths of September 11th.

    So you go drinking which spreads the virus and kills more? And protest which kills more? In 100 years people in history class will call us stupid. That being said, some of the covid dead were party animals and "killed themselves" by going out. That thins out the herd of stupid.

    1. They can't come up with a vaccine for covid 19 but hand sanitizers and soap kill it. Just doesn't figure.


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