Friday, July 03, 2020


In much the same way that we celebrate the enduring goodness of hottie Rosie Jones, we also take a moment of pause to recognize the grand American tradition of cowtown power moves.

Here are some of the most important this week . . .

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker Puts Office Over Politics

Last last night "Mean Jean" resigned her duties as Missouri Democratic Party Chair but newsies did not dare use the word resign. Still, even her harshest critics were forced to admit that she did the right thing in giving priority to her vital courthouse position amid a historic homicide spike.

Kansas City Royals Leader Rusty Kuntz Decides Against COVID-19 Risk

Out of an abundance of caution, Royals first-base coach and fan favorite Rusty Kuntz will not be coaching on the field this season because of COVID-19 concerns, Royals general manager Dayton Moore told on Friday. It's a smart move that has earned him even more respect among the BEST & BRIGHTEST readers among our blog community.

Johnson County Shark Guy Leads Golden Ghetto Surge Against Masks

This SHARK GUY has shared his EPIC LEADERSHIP in the time of pandemic crisis and, more importantly, he offered a quick laugh for even the most skeptical denizens of the discourse.

And so . . .

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Anonymous said...

Rusty is still around?

Good for him!

Let's keep it that way.

Ed said...



As for kc electeds, maybe the worst seek since the start of the pandemic. Which is saying a lot!

Reopen KC said...

wear the damn mask. Don't be silly.

Anonymous said...

Petersucker was told to resign or be fired in a nasty public way, even the dimwit party knows now how stupid she is.

It doesn’t make sense for her to resign amid the current murder crisis to devote more time to her job, she hasn’t done anything for 10 yrs now so why pretend that she’s suddenly going to start caring and start doing something now.

Anonymous said...

Jean did the right thing for Jackson County and for the Democratic Party. She is a real leader, unlike so many others.

Anonymous said...

No, she's utterly incompetent and has displayed it nonstop for years.

Anonymous said...

^^^^True Dat

Anonymous said...

4:57 - You are the Second person to praise her. Second ever. How does that feel ?

Anonymous said...

^^Naw. It's the same person. They work for her.

Anonymous said...

^^^ TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

Peters-Baker is a political hack of the very worst kind.
And resigning her chair of the Missouri Democratic Party in an election year is like the captain of the Titanic turning over his command just after he was told the ship was going to sink.
She's done a terrible job as prosecutor, was the proud "leader" who brought KC NoVa to town, which wasted loads of money, misdirected resources, was touted as "the answer" to the murder problem, and totally failed. She regularly under-charges in cases and loses any way.
And she, like all the other cowards, can't even bring herself to honestly identify the cause of the vast majority of homicides in the city.
She, like the elected and appointed KCMO folks, as well as the business community, the hand-wringing faith groups, the endless anti-crime nonprofits, the revs, the media, and most of all, the east side "leaders", is responsible for the carnage that has been unleashed on KCMO.
There's yet another job she should resign from.

Anonymous said...

Peters Baker has blood on her hands this women is nothing more than a weak idiot who doesn't want to deal with tyranny in the city she just wants to pander no matter who's life is taken including our police officers. so I think it's safe to say she is a murder. Live with that Jean!

Byron Funkhouser said...

4:48 is fucking little coward who anonymously insults a prominent woman because he's afraid.

This retard thinks men receive welfare.

Yes, he's my very own troll, so I'm trolling him right back.

In a moment, he'll be calling me bLieron, because he an asshole who's decided, without evidence, that I didn't deserve to receive disability benefits.

Ms. Baker is his other obsession.

Byron Funkhouser said...

P.S. Note the time.

Yes, this is the same person who thinks of me at 4:30 in the morning because he has no life, & no loved ones.

Anonymous said...

Q: Why do the Royals keep a can of WD-40 and a box of tampons at 1st base?