Monday, July 06, 2020

Kansas City & U.S.A. Confront Murder Spike

The top cop quotes recent op/ed from the journal that reveals murders trending across the nation amid civil unrest and coronavirus lockdowns. Read more:

KCPD chief says 'perfect storm' led to spike in KCMO homicides

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Homicides are spiking in Kansas City, Missouri, and in other several cities across the country. As of Monday afternoon, KCMO had reported 99 homicides, a 29% increase compared with this time last year. Kansas City Police Chief Rick Smith offered a couple of theories for the increase.


Anonymous said...

Better title is diverse culturally rich cities run by democrats experience spike in violent crime and murder perpetrated by the diverse and culturally rich blacks.

See how diversity is a strength.

The Ayatollah said...

The problem is we need to tear down more statues and have less cops !! We need more black Oscar nominees ! We need reparations given to minorities! We need need to change Aunt Jemima, and names of Sports teams ! We need to be more politically correct so the niggers stop killing one another !

Get Woke Folks ! :)))

Anonymous said...

You will never get them to stop killing. It's in their blood . No matter what location on earth, slavery or no slavery to blame. Flat ass they seek crime for many of their solutions.

Anonymous said...

Stay strong Chief and don’t let the threats of your job get to you!

Many people have your 6!

Anonymous said...

We are all not the same.

An anthropologist can determine by a pile of bones or just a skull whether you are White, black or Asian, brains are different, different ailments, we evolved seperate for 40000 years genetically we are different.

Who evolved in huge cities v the wild.

Anonymous said...

Why are they blaming this Chief for homicide spikes? They didn’t do that under Forte and the same exact spike was occurring. Forte is now Sherrif - so he shares some blame in that too.

Anonymous said...

The latest attempt by Lucas to divert attention from the real problem is to get the governor to sign a law to deny probation to repeat convicted violent felons or those with illegal gun possession.
Do the rioters and marchers know that Lucas is nnow going to be "tough on crime"?
Have they found out that he's in favor of increasing "mass incarceration"?
Of course, the effectiveness of any law or policy depends on thhose implementing it, and in KCMO and Jackson County you still have Peters-Baker and the same judges whose incompetence and lack of seriousness have already played a big role in having repeat offenders out on the streets.
Another photo opportunity and TV gig for Lucas.
But, as usual, not enough guts to even address the real problem.

Anonymous said...

After ten years of ignoring the laws and over 1500 murders under her belt Petersucker suddenly decides to do her job?

Remember people, the boy blunder was on the radio last week saying these new measures were going to be short term.... now if you get sent to prison for life committing a murder in the short term and then somebody commits the same crime six months down the road and gets maybe three years does anybody see the lawsuits coming in droves?

Petersucker should have been obeying the law all along and none of this would’ve happened. Stupid worthless despicable dimwits.

Anonymous said...

You have to blame someone . God knows you can not blame the actual actors in their roles. Hoodie Rats and their drug thug culture, silence of the street, fathers not in the family, admiration for Rap and over paid sports heroes, embracing illegal guns and related drug crimes or you can blame the 80 year old NRA member with legal guns, traditional family, goes to work , at home every night and attends Church. Which do you think shot that 4 year old while he slept ? Same as the majority of killings in the KC Metro. Excuses are a dime a dozen, like you assholes that use them.

Anonymous said...


The Perfect Storm = the broken Black family structure, non-emphasis on education, culture of victimhood, Black-on-Black crime, Black men abandoning Black female partners, substance abuse, and Black male incarceration.

Census Bureau: Higher Percentage of Black Children Live with Single Mothers

Only 38.7 Percent of African-American Minors Live with Both Parents

Social scientists have long espoused the benefits for children who live in two-parent homes, including economic, educational, health and other advantages!!!

Anonymous said...

The Decline of the Family sure has it's Fuck Trophies. There is no debating that. Weird