Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Kansas City Tuesday News Turnaround

Quick peek at hottie Lindsey turning the fashion/Insta game to her advantage as we quickly check pop culture, community news and info from across the nation and around the world . . . Take a peek . . .

Kansas City Art CANCELLED

2020 Art Annual Cancellation

On July 20th the Brookside Business Association and the the Brookside Community Improvement District announced the cancellation of the 35th Brookside Art Annual, originally scheduled for May 1st through 3rd and previously rescheduled for September 18th through 20th. "It is with great sadness that we share the difficult decision made to cancel the 2020 Brookside Art Annual.

Capturing COVID Glam Amid Desperate Search For Work

Photographer helps unemployed with resume headshots

Photographers across the country are trying to help people who've lost jobs during the pandemic. They're offering complimentary headshots to help with the job search.Kansas City photographer Tyler Walker is part of a national group that created the project 10,000 Headshots.On Wednesday, Walker will be one of 200 photographers offering these free of charge to people who have lost jobs during the pandemic.

Meth Town Remembered

Crews begin placing artifacts in new exhibits as renovations continue at Truman Library

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - This month, crews began installing artifacts and exhibits at the Harry S. Truman Library and Museum in Independence, Missouri. The museum has been closed since July 2019 while it undergoes a $30 million renovation, or as the director calls it a "re-imagination."

Kansas City Lady Ballers Meet New EPIC Boss

Ditka takes on ownership of women's football X League with KC team - Kansas City Business Journal

Chicago football legend Mike Ditka is lending his name to a professional women's tackle football league that has its roots in the old Lingerie Football League. Ditka is the owner and chairman of the rebranded "X League," which said in a July 14 release that it will begin play in eight cities next April.


Instagram tests letting people run their own personal fundraisers

Instagram will soon allow people in the US, UK, and Ireland to raise money for their own personal causes. The company is launching the feature today as an initial test on Android phones, with iPhones to follow, after already making personal fundraising available to Facebook users.

Beltway Money Talks Today

White House, Senate Republicans kick off crucial day of virus negotiations

In another break with the president, Senate Republicans also want billions more to support state testing efforts. They also are pushing for funds for personal protective equipment and to lay the groundwork for vaccine production.

Euro Cash Turns Trash

The EU agrees to a historic $860 billion recovery fund as the bloc fights the fallout of coronavirus | Markets Insider

Leaders of the European Union reached a historic deal Tuesday on an $860 billion recovery fund aimed at the reconstruction of the 27-member bloc. By the end of a 4-day summit, the heads of states agreed on distributing 390 billion euros ($446 billion) in grants, and 360 billion euros ($412 billion) in loans after reaching a compromise with a group of nations nicknamed the "Frugal Four."

Portland Moms Protest

Dozens of moms formed a human shield to protect protesters from officers outside a federal courthouse in Portland

As a mom in Portland, Oregon, was watching the unrest unfolding in her city, she felt compelled to get involved and protect protesters.

Tucker Against Times

Tucker Carlson Returns From Vacation To Go To War With New York Times; No Mention Of Sexual Harassment Suit & Ex-Writer's Racist Posts

"We're off last week, it's good to be back," declared a plucky Tucker Carlson at the outset tonight of his Fox News Channel show. And if viewers or critics were expecting the top-rated host to dive into controversies like a new lawsuit that alleges sexual harassment and retaliation by Car...

AdiĆ³s Polar Bears

Climate change on track to wipe out polar bears by end of century, study warns

Climate change is starving polar bears into extinction, according to research published Monday that predicts the apex carnivores could all but disappear within the span of a human lifetime. In some regions they are already caught in a vicious downward spiral, with shrinking sea ice cutting short the time bears have for hunting seals, scientists reported in Nature Climate Change.

Season Of Hype Coming Soon

Where Chiefs and NFL training camp stands on Tuesday

With rookie report day on Monday, the Kansas City Chiefs began the most unique training camp in NFL history. The Chiefs and Houston Texans start a few days earlier than everyone else as they open up the NFL season.

More Rain Today

Scattered thunderstorms keeping heat at bay Tuesday


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Anonymous said...

two scoops of news. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The sexual harassment case against Tucker Carlson and the two others has been dropped the two women who brought charges were caught lying.
This is old news, but hey keep that pot stirred liberals will believe anything the media says without research, it's called ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Show me where the suit was dropped. One link.


Anonymous said...

@10:08 and yet the suit was never dropped and you're every bit the liar & piece of shit those repubturds are. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Oh Snap!! 10:08 came on and tried to run disinformation but got caught on it and got lying geezer skull crushed for his efforts!!! Brutal takedown! Brutal!

Anonymous said...

Why are Trumptards such liars? I mean is everyone who supports Trump as big a piece of shit as he is?

Anonymous said...

^^And yet he is not lying. That suit was ditched a long time ago.
Do you people know how to keep up?
Oh. And do your own fucking research, assholes.

Mr. Your Mother said...


So you got smacked in public and still don't have any proof that you're not lying.

Too bad.

Come back when you can learn how to argue and present an intelligent debate. It looks like you've been so embarrassed that you can only resort to name calling and cursing. Sad.

Anonymous said...

and yet the suit is still ongoing weird.

Anonymous said...

Cathy Arue! She is a certified moron like the weird guy who posts in here all day long. Arue's appearances on Tucker were always stupid, time fillers - she was used as a running joke and she should have know that. Jokes run their course, just like the Chinesecoronavirusfromfilthywuhanlab. Tucker was done with her and she lost that income. I'm calling bullshit on both these women's accusations. It'sfairy tale made up by her and her attorneys because she failed at her job. Tucker called her the show's "sherpa" to guide viewers into how leftists think she is one of the least credible people one can imagine.

Anonymous said...

^^^And yet you confirm and amplify 10:56's point about Trumptards being liars. Weird.

Anonymous said...

@11:06AM and yet the lawsuit was just filed on Monday so how could it have been dropped a longtime ago???? I mean good God man if you're really to put it outhere, and go full-on retard, maybe Google a link first. Trumptards are so fucking dumb!!!!!

Anonymous said...

11:29 no they just stated the facts, something you never do which isn't Weird.

Anonymous said...

The Dems would hire hitmen to take out their mothers if they thought they might vote for Trump. They are the party of destroying and silencing anybody who opposes their views. The Goya issue is another example. Tucker's ratings are off the charts, so he and his family must be destroyed. The Dems have no integrity left in their party, have become of the party of win at all costs and destroy, destroy, destory!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure George Soros is somewhere behind the lawsuit. Not hard to find someone to go after a rich man with a sexual harassment suit.

Anonymous said...

Being accused and being convicted are two very distant points on the pole of law. Running your mouths before a verdict just proves your ignorance and bias.

Bandit Darville said...

Do you mean like the press does 12:34?

Anonymous said...

These mothers must think they get an exemption by virtue of that status alone. If they participate in violent activity, or try to physically shield those who do, they are going to get tear gassed. And merely having served for a while in the military does not mean you get to spend the rest of your life breaking laws, with impunity.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet they matter and are changing their world while all you do is come on here and cry like a bitch Maude. They win, you lose everyday! More of them, none of you!

Anonymous said...

11:34: Trumptards get their marching orders and talking points from Fox News. Hence the use of the term "Marxist" by people who don't have a clue what they're talking about and claim what's observably true is false. It's a cult. Orwell would be so proud.

Anonymous said...

Sick the Polar bears on the Mom shields in Portland, that would be better than watching Sheen say he was winning while losing all.

Bandit Darville said...

12:49 Libtards get their news from MSNBC, CNN and the broadcast toadies. Aside from the point on your head, what is yours?

Anonymous said...

^^Well I think his point is that you suck a lot of cock. Well you do when you're not taking up the ass that is.

Bandit Darville said...

I expected more from a supposed intellectual. MENSA missed the boat when they passed you by.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Ummmm. Actually they didn't. Weird?

Anonymous said...

Well Bandit Darvile you gave yourself away as a shortbus rider when you used the word libtard. Only retards and cocksuckers use it. Which are you? Both? Judging by the shit that spewed out of your ass on here today, both seems likely.

Anonymous said...

^^^Oh, he's not been hiding his opinions and ignorance--he uses Fox News-issued terms he can't define. Repeatedly. It's as if he's Chuck reincarnated.

Bandit Darville said...

2:56 has quite the immense vocabulary for being one of the best and brightest the libtard trolls have to offer. I thought that he worked for Burger King but couldn't quite place him until a commercial came on earlier. Now I know where I've seen him.


Anonymous said...

And we know where we've seen you, Bandit (I mean Bo, I mean Burt), still having to have somebody drive that TransAm in all the stunts for you?

Your attempts at snark are as phony as the "hero" you use as an alias. Bet you have a poster of your Idol Burt's Cosmo fold-out taped to the ceiling over your bed down in Mommy's basement, right?