Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Kansas City Tuesday Morning News Look

Hottie Demi and her controversial photo promo inspires our first peek at pop culture, community news and info from across the nation and around the world . . .

Po-Po Summer Fun Outreach

How Bats, Balls & Boxing Help Kansas City Police Build Trust & Repair Community Relations

At a time when the Kansas City police department and its chief, Rick Smith, have been scrutinized for their handling of the Black Lives Matter protests in the Plaza area, the Police Athletic League (PAL) has renewed its efforts to bridge the gap between the department and the community.

KCMO Water Warning

After teen's drowning in Indian Creek, family urges others to use caution near water

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Family of the young metro man who drowned Sunday night in Indian Creek shared a warning about playing near water as his body was recovered Monday. FOX4 has been following the tragic situation since rescue crews started searching Sunday night. It was a search spanning 16 hours, ending in heartache.

KC COVID Test Quickness

With COVID-19 testing backlog, hospitals and clinics can get test results back in days

Unlike health departments that are taking up to three weeks for COVID-19 test results, hospitals and clinics can usually get people tested and results back in two to four days."The idea is to be able to get people tested rapidly," said Ginny Boos, Saint Luke's Hospital's director of infection prevention.Labs give clinics and hospitals priority over public health.

Hottie Demi Shares Tearful Memories With MILLIONS

Demi Rose breaks down in tears as she shares emotional video

Demi Rose broke down in tears on Monday night as she emotionally revealed that she was abused as a child and bullied at school. The model, 25, took to her Instagram Stories to post a collection of candid posts and videos as she stressed to her 14.2 million followers that social media is not reality.

Internets Considers Fashion Crackdown Teachable Moments

What Brands and Investors Need to Take Away from Fashion's Enduring Labor, Wage Scandals | The Fashion Law

Boohoo has found itself at the center of a headline-making scandal in connection with allegations that laborers in its supply chain are working in "cramped high-density conditions," dominated by extreme temperatures and poor air quality, while being paid well below the national living wage.

Prez Trump Comeback?!?!

Can Trump still win? Why it's foolish to count the president out

It was only a matter of time before the mainstream media, increasingly confident that Donald Trump will lose the election, started handicapping who will be in the Biden administration. The New York Times has already asked readers to vote on who they want in the Cabinet (Susan Rice for secretary of State, Elizabeth Warren for Treasury, Kamala Harris for attorney general if they're not picked as Joe's running mate).

Rocket Man Talks Peace

'No more war' thanks to North Korea's nuclear weapons, Kim says

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said he believes his country will no longer need to fight wars because its nuclear arsenal guarantees its safety, according to North Korean state media.

Free Money Fact Check

New Stimulus Bill-What You Need To Know About A Second Stimulus Check, $200 Unemployment Benefits, PPP And More

On July 27, 2020, Republicans put forth their new stimulus package proposal of approximately $1 trillion called the HEALS Act (the Health, Economic Assistance Liability Protection & Schools Act). The Democrats had previously proposed a $3 trillion+ stimulus package under the "Heroes Act," but Republicans had rejected it as too broad and too big.

Global COVID Redux

Even countries that got coronavirus under control are now struggling, that's deeply concerning for the rest of the world

The coronavirus is "easily the most severe" public health emergency the World Health Organization (WHO) has ever faced, its director-general said Monday, as countries that previously appeared to have the pandemic under control recorded an uptick in cases.

Holy Land Dust Up Again

Israel, Hezbollah trade fire in 'security incident' near Lebanese border

The Israeli military confirmed on Monday there had been a "security incident" on the country's northern border with Lebanon and said its forces were engaged in "ongoing combat" with Hezbollah militants. Local media reported an exchange of fire in an area known as Chebaa Farms, which was captured by Israel during the 1967 Middle East war and is claimed by Lebanon.

Doggie Style Reconsidered

No One Knows How This Dog Traveled More Than 50 Miles Across The Kansas City Metro

Cleo had somehow traveled to her owner's former home, more than 50 miles away. Colton Michael, City of Kearney, Missouri, building inspector Dr. Wayne Hunthausen, Westwood Animal Hospital owner, veterinarian and animal behaviorist

KC Weather Double Take

Your Storm Track 5 Daily Forecast

Today is a Storm Track 5 Weather Alert Day. We are tracking an 80% chance for showers and storms with a high of 79.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Demi looks like she needs a hug.

Charlie Horse said...

President Trump can and will win reelection if Susan Rice is chosen by Biden (Biggest Idiot Democrats Ever Nominated).

Anonymous said...

Does Demi cry plastic tears too?

Anonymous said...

Cramps @5:27 why?
Do you believe no one with absolutely no Political Experience should ever be elected to Public Office?

Anonymous said...

the dog story has to be staged, imho.

Clayton Bigsby said...

Nothing like cooling off in a creek thats a mile away from treating Leawoods shit and piss

Anonymous said...

There is obviously no Demi thigh gap that I have ever seen. Un check that box.

Anonymous said...


When the blogger needs his coffee, he likes it DEMItASSe style!!!

Charlie Horse said...

YES @7:09! National office is far to important a position to ever elect anyone into who has NEVER HAD ANY POLITICAL EXPERIENCE!


Anonymous said...

Number of cases, however those are defined, are not what matters. What matters is hospitalizations and deaths. Those are not exploding. In fact the number of deaths is tailing off all over the world.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet you're not a scientist and wholly unfit to speak about with any modicum of intelligence or introspection. Weird.