Thursday, July 30, 2020

Kansas City Thursday News Comeback


50-something diva JLo probably gave up on her aim to record real music when she released "Booty" so many (6) years ago. That hasn't stopped her recording and the moment in time inspires our peek at worthwhile headlines for right now . . .

Heartland Suffers Coronavirus ‘Red Zone’ Summer Spike

U.S. COVID-19 outbreak picks up in Midwest as summer travel spreads virus

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) - Coronavirus infections appear to be picking up in the U.S. Midwest, the coordinator of the White House Coronavirus Task Force said on Thursday, as Ohio reported a record day of cases and Wisconsin's governor mandated the use of masks.

Police Searching For Southland Gunman This Afternoon

Police search for man with rifle on Indian Creek Trail

LEAWOOD, KS (KCTV) -- Leawood police spent their afternoon looking for a man with a rifle on the Indian Creek Trail after a runner spotted him. A woman was out for a run Thursday morning when she saw a man with a long rifle, dressed in camouflage on the trail.

Beware Of Phony Power Play

KCPD warns scammers pretending to be Evergy are active again

We're reaching peak air-conditioning season for the Kansas City-area, and Kansas City, Missouri, police said scammers pretending to represent utility company Evergy are active again. Police said the scammers will call someone claiming to be an Evergy employee and will threaten to disconnect services unless they pay immediately.


Economy shrank by a THIRD in last three months in biggest slump EVER

Devastating economic figures are released by Commerce Department showing economy contracted by a third in April, May and June - shattering 1958 record of 10% contraction Donald Trump did not react to record-setting economic calamity - but instead tweeted that the election should be delayed Analysts say devastating figures suggest the V-shaped recovery Trump promised is now in doubt Business investment and residential housing also suffered sharp declines last quarter, with investment spending sinking 27% and residential housing plunging 38.7%.

Celebrate Prized Players

Dr. Fauci and Colin Kaepernick to receive award for "commitment to social change"

Dr. Anthony Fauci and the athlete and activist Colin Kaepernick may seem like very different men in very different fields - but they are both being honored with the same award. Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert, and Kaepernick, a former NFL player who has led players' demonstrations against racial injustice, will receive the RFK Ripple of Hope Award this year.

Inspiration And Sneak Peek At Democracy Transformation

Barack Obama, Eulogizing John Lewis, Calls For Renewed Action On Voting Rights, Suggests Ending Senate Filibuster

Former President Barack Obama eulogized John Lewis as a "founding father of that fuller, fairer, better America," while calling for a renewed push for voting rights and other reforms, even if that means ending the Senate's filibuster. Speaking at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta following two of his predecessors, former presidents George W.

Longtime Top Ranking Republican Dies Of Coronavirus

Herman Cain, former Kansas City Fed chair and CEO of Godfather's Pizza, dead at 74

The late businessman Herman Cain may have made a splash most recently as a Republican presidential candidate, but he also boasted a decades-long business career with the Pillsbury Company and the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. News of Cain's death after contracting coronavirus came Thursday. He was 74.

Hong Kong Democracy Crackdown Continues

Hong Kong bars key opposition candidates from poll

Hong Kong authorities have disqualified a dozen pro-democracy candidates from upcoming elections, deepening political tensions in the Chinese territory. Opposition legislators had hoped to win a majority in the Legislative Council in September's poll after Beijing's imposition of a highly controversial national security law. Among those barred are high-profile activists Joshua Wong and Lester Shum.

Local Tech Life Lesson Amid Continued Student Lockdown

KCPS using Bitmoji classrooms to help with online learning during pandemic

KCPS announced their plan on how the coming school year will likely play out. It starts with an all-distanced learning approach as the COVID-19 cases continue to climb in the metro. The district's digital learning team is adding a Bitmoji classroom to help with online learning.

Super Giveaway

Comic book store giving out free comics to raise money for toy drive

The Superhero Toy Drive is one of the most popular fundraisers every year, but the pandemic has pushed things back for organizers.It's an annual toy drive that gives a free gift to a child in the hospital at Christmas and it allows the family to not have to worry about buying gifts during that time."We're going to raise this money one way or another," said William Binderup, of Elite Comics.Elite Comics holds a massive free comic book day every year to raise money for the Superhero Toy Drive.

Another Weekend Indoors

Weekend Possibilities | Royals Watch Party, KC's New VR Bar, And More

Are you not entertained? Gone are the days of no sports, no patios and no live music. If you don't feel like getting out, live music, along with performing arts and movie streams are available from events across the metro. If you are headed out and about - perhaps to the bar - be sure to wear a mask.

Kansas City Remains Soggy

Periods of rain and thunderstorms through Friday morning

Now-2 AM: Periods of rain and thunderstorms, flash flooding is the main threat 2 AM-Noon: Less coverage of rain, still heavy downpours Thursday afternoon: The areas of rain and thunderstorms increase, again flash flooding is the main threat If you see flowing water that you cannot judge the depth, "Turn Around Don't Drown."

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Great Clips is going to give Kaepernick the annual "Most in Need of a Haircut" Award.

Anonymous said...

Colin Kaepernick getting an award for anything other than being a stupid hateful negro is totally unacceptable.

Byron Funkhouser said...

John Lewis was truly a leader in the fight against racism in the US. If only, "the Boy from Troy" worried as much about his constituents as he did denigrating the 87% of the population that was his opposition, perhaps those who voted for him would have been better off. A whopping 31.5% of the population of Troy, Alabama, from whence Congressman Lewis got his nickname, lives below the poverty level, which is significantly higher than the national average of 13.1%. Amazing. Perhaps a newly-elected leader will care more for the constituent voters. We'll see. RIP, John Lewis - you left so much undone and now someone else will have to work hard because you rode the coattails of MLK these past 60 years rather than getting anything done of any importance.

Clayton Bigsby said...

We have missed you,asshole

Anonymous said...

Says a hateful Boomer who thinks posting on here is important. LOL!! Loser!

Anonymous said...

Obama sounded awfully whiny and classless at the John Lewis funeral when he went overly political. He sounded like someone trying too hard to sound sincere and like someone afraid an investigative report about how an outgoing administration spied on and tried to sabotage an incoming administration is about to come out. His voice seemed to lack the confidence it once did when he was in office and directing people to send billions of dollars to the radical Iranian leadership and ruin Michael Flynn and other parts of the Trump administration.

Anonymous said...

Trump couldn't even be bothered to pay his respects to John Lewis at the US Capital, like Joe Biden did.

It would have taken 5 minutes.

But Trump is now running on a full segregationist platform now, so it's not surprising.

Anonymous said...

And yet he can still out speak Dementia Donnie and doesn’t need two holds to drink and have to be helped off the stage. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Trump would have been criticized for being at the funeral and for not being at the funeral. It's a symptom of advanced TDS.

The woman saw a guy with a rifle in camouflage? Pretty poor camouflage!

Anonymous said...

Trump has wrecked the economy by ignoring a global pandemic. Worst economic quarter in the history of the US. Over 50 million have applied for unemployment. Other countries did not have the economic collapse we did.

Trump also got Herman Cain killed, along with 150,000 other Americans needlessly, through his reckless incompetent "leadership".

But please, continue to badly critique a former president's eulogy as the top news of the day.

Anonymous said...

Trump didn't need to go to the funeral, although that he can't is sign of what a terrible failure his presidency is and how lowly he is regarded as head of state. Even Dubya went and spoke today.

All Trump had to do was 2 minute walk by at the Capital where Lewis laid in state. Trump has time to lunch there with Republicans every few weeks. Minimal effort, but he didn't bother. Trump's Dementia Syndrome does strike again.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame Trump for not going. Lewis was so classless he refused to attend the inauguration of Presidents Trump and George W. Bush. He said Trump was an illegitimate president because of Russian collusion. We're still waiting for Adam "Shifty" Schiff to show that direct proof he said he had of Trump-Russian collusion. He talked about having that for over a year. The Democratic National Committee needs to reimburse American taxpayers for the millions of dollars wasted on the Mueller Report and other false and despicable actions by the Democrats over the last four years.

Anonymous said...

Herman Cain helped black Americans more than John Lewis ever did. RIP Herman Cain.

Anonymous said...

4:55 the relevance of their posts out weighs yours any time any day.

Anonymous said...

@5:37 and yet Herman Cain was never beaten for his beliefs and never shed his blood for country like Lewis did. Lewis is an American icon while Cain was an utter moron who willingly went to a super spreader event and failed to wear a mask. He blatantly disregarded medical experts and had had the unmitigated gall to call Covid a hoax. He deserved to get what he got and will only be remembered as a finalist for this years Darwin Award. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! Trump failed your silly arbitrary racial purity test!

Anonymous said...

What was proven today is that John Lewis was pretty good value in the election year for the cynically posturing, morally bankrupt Democrats. Alive, he was just a civil rights era dinosaur who managed to keep his people enslaved by entitlements and handouts for fifty years or more. Dead, he makes a good prop for the campaign.

Anonymous said...

Wow, and here I thought the virus was a massively complicated global phenomenon no one was ready for, ultimately caused by the Chinese, in which many people including Trump screwed up.

It's almost like you have an obsession or something.

Anonymous said...

I guess he doesn't get to be black then.

Anonymous said...

Man with rifle was probably hunting rabbits or squirrels.

On a hunch though, if you see someone with mosquito bites all over himself or possibly in the next few days buying lotion/compounds for ticks or worse, poison ivy, then you might have something to go on.

Anonymous said...

Well did he miss out on his honorary black guy sticker?

I ask because that's all the issue of race is to Democrats: a weapon to attack with or a little prize you get for being good.

Anonymous said...

Obama was ready for pandemics. Stomped out Ebola. Quickly tackled H1N1. Built a global early response team (that Trump dismantled). Left a pandemic playbook (which Trump ignored). Trump didn't even close the borders, which is his jam.

The administration owns this disaster so hard. Don't be shy to claim the marketing victory of the Trump virus.

Anonymous said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

The guy did something worthwhile years ago and made a career out of it. Reminded me of Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan. Herman actually created jobs and did something worthwhile. The phonetic Dems and BLMers fall over one another on how close they were to Lewis. Typical shit show.

Anonymous said...

Obama threw in the towel on Swine Flu. Left the cupboards bare for Trump, spied on his campaign, slimiest and worst President ever. Black politicians ruin everything they touch.

The Ayatollah said...

They didn’t like each other. He would have been criticized for going as well .....

The Ayatollah said...

I voted for Obama but voting for Trump now. The Democratic Party has changed and their fringe is now ruling the party... The only thing I didn’t like about Obama is they way he handled the racial issue. He left the county more divided than how he found it .

Anonymous said...

Bush and Obama never got the economy blazing as hot as Trump. They both disappointed in that area. Americans need jobs. Trump is the best at stoking the economy to get that done. Biden is going to raise taxes on everyone to pay for socialist programs and destroy the oil and gas industry, probably taking us into a long-term recession.

Anonymous said...

The economy is blazing alright. It's in flames (along with Trump's cities apparently). Utterly destroyed. Over 21% unemployment. Worst quarter ever. Oil and gas collapsed with tens of thousands of industry layoffs after getting played by his Saudi and Russian "friends". Nearly $1 trillion of new US debt each month.

The bigger problem is Trump has no idea what to do, other than photo ops, protecting confederate statues, and promising to magically keep blacks out of the suburbs.

Why isn't he actually doing anything right now? He has no plan.

He just keeps making empty promises and predictions about how things will be great later.

We'll open for Easter, in the rear view by Memorial Day, rocking and rolling by July, big 3rd quarter or maybe 4th quarter, or next year will be great.

It's what he always does. Big beautiful Mexican paid walling coming. Great and cheap healthcare coming, it's so easy. Big trade deals coming. Big factories coming. Big infrastructure projects coming. I alone can do it. They never do. He has done nothing except a Wall Street tax cut that didn't help workers wages.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Trump but voting for Biden now. The Republican Party has changed and their fringe is now ruling the party... One of the many things I didn’t like about Trump is they way he handled the racial issue. He has left the county more divided than how he found it .