Monday, July 06, 2020


Local "creative-class" leaders seem to be hoping that the desperate need for cash will entice locals to visit this money-losing hotel project that recently opened amid on of the worst epoch's the American hotel industry has ever witnessed.

Here's the offer:

Startland: Pure Pitch Rally opens applications, plans for in-person fall event at new Loews hotel


"Competition applications are open for the first major in-person startup event announced since COVID-19 shut down many Kansas City workplaces and brought traditional networking to a standstill. The invite-only Pure Pitch Rally is set for Oct. 12 in the Neptune Ballroom at the new downtown Loews hotel.

"The fifth annual Pure Pitch Rally event — offering more than $1 million in non-dilutive spot-cash funding and resource packages — is expected to showcase a curated group of tech startups pitching to a pre-selected panel of executives called “land sharks” who judge then each directly fund and donate $1,000 to the start-up pitcher of his or her choice. Attendees also vote to award an additional funding prize to a People’s Choice winner."

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Worsening pandemic.. could TKC be a master troll.

It has been over for months, after my and mich, n Penn killed iff all the nursing home elderly with 2 to 3 other comorbidities not many ppl are dying if the fake plague.

Wear your masks though, work as well as your underwear at keeping farts in.

Anonymous said...

"Hoping" is probably not a very good business strategy, even for the "creative class".
The transaction gang, including Burke, have already cashed in on this white elephant, and it will never be able to pay its own way.
Unfortunately for KCMO taxpayers, the gang at 12th and Oak will do everything they can, under-the-table and behind closed doors if possible, to keep the bonds from defaulting.
And that will include continuing to defund basic city services like street maintenance and police.
And it will easily be kept secret because the folks at the Star are easily bamboozled.
Bankruptcy comes very slowly.
Then very quickly.
And Lucas isn't even in the game.

Anonymous said...

staying in a hotel recently was semi-spooky.

the idea of going to a big convention is unthinkable for now.

Anonymous said...

Can the hotel be re-purposed?