Sunday, July 05, 2020

Kansas City Sunday News Link Look

Here's a our peek at angelic Candice hotness along with headlines concerning pop culture, community news and info from across the nation and around the world . . .

Kansas City Downtown Decisions Loom

Let's talk about Downtown KC: Community Workshop on July 14

What do you love about Downtown Kansas City, and what would you like to change? Share your vision for the future of Downtown. Register today to reserve your spot for this virtual community workshop. If you need Spanish interpretation, please email at least 72 hours in advance of the workshop.

Kansas City Sunday Smoke Warning After Fireworks

KC's Fourth of July celebrations show up on radar, smoke still lingering Sunday morning

The Fourth of July spirit was evident all-around Kansas City.

Cowtown Harvest Coming Soon

Months Ago, Kansas Citians Planted Pandemic Gardens - And Now The Bounty Is Here

Back in March, when the coronavirus was a brand new reality in Kansas City, one of the major sources of stress was figuring out how to get groceries.

Show-Me Cuteness

Bruno the Bear makes it to Missouri on interstate trek through Wisconsin, Illinois

ELSBERRY, Mo. - An Elsberry, Missouri police officer spotted a black bear along a dirt road while patrolling Wednesday night. It turns out that black bear is Bruno. He was first seen in Wisconsin on May 10, then crossed into Illinois a month later and is now in Missouri.

Kansas Gators Abound

Another Alligator Spotted in Riley County, but Not One of Two Missing from Local Pet Store

MANHATTAN, Kan. (KPR) - Just how many alligators are living in Wildcat Creek? Authorities may not know. The Riley County Police Department responded to reports of an alligator sighting along Wildcat Creek this (THUR) morning. But the alligator is not one of the two that went missing from a local pet store.

Candice Debuts New Line

Candice Swanepoel Dishes On Her Smash Swimwear Line and How She Spent Quarantine - Daily Front Row

Candice Swanepoel has spent a good part of her career wearing bathing suits, so it's only fitting that eventually she'd bank on her killer bod and start her own line. The 31-year-old supermodel became an instant entrepreneur when she launched Tropic of C, an ecologically responsible swimwear line that women can't get enough of.

Veep Stays Winning?!?!

Biden builds lead as Trump goes from trailing to flailing

Dietrich, like even the most circumspect observers of the 2020 campaign, does not predict that Biden will fall apart. But Democrats carry checklists in their minds of the universe of things that could alter the course of the campaign. Biden might say the wrong thing at a debate, or have an awkward moment in an interview or at a press conference.

Vets Against Prez Trump?!?!

Trump Claims Journalists 'Slander' All Veterans by Calling Out Racism in Independence Day Address

Fresh off an astonishingly incendiary speech at Mount Rushmore on Friday night, President Trump picked up where he left off on Saturday and took aim at the media-bizarrely claiming that journalists who call out racism somehow "slander" the entire country and all U.S. military veterans.

World Sides With China

At UN Human Rights Council, 53 countries back China's draconian Hong Kong crackdown

Fifty-three countries at the U.N. Human Rights Council, led by Cuba, came out in support of China's national security law this week -- a law that has formed the basis of the communist regime's latest crackdown on the people of Hong Kong.

Brits Hit With Corona Hangover

'Crystal clear' that drunk people can't socially distance -- UK police officer

Drunk people can't properly socially distance, a UK police officer warned after finishing a late shift Saturday -- the first day that London (CNN) - pubs reopened in England after the coronavirus shutdown.

Life Lessons Hard To Figure Out Amid Pandemic

'How the hell are we going to do this?' The panic over reopening schools

The CDC issued additional guidance this week on safely reopening schools, with infections spiking in the South and West. Some education leaders fear the guidelines are being disregarded, casting doubt anew on how the new school year will even be able to launch.

Local BBQ Improv

How Jack Stack quickly pivoted to survive the coronavirus crisis

In the earliest days of the coronavirus pandemic, when the closures and cancelations were coming fast and furious, there was very little good news to be had. Every new development in the world seemed to be for the worse. Well, except for cheesy corn in the grocery store.

Steamy Sunday Awaits

Sunny Sunday with high near 90 degrees


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Anonymous said...

everyone has problems with Trump, not just the veterans.

Anonymous said...

Leave the gator alone.

Anonymous said...

"Trump Claims Journalists 'Slander' All Veterans by Calling Out Racism in Independence Day Address"

Trump's dementia is getting to be too obvious to ignore.

Anonymous said...

Trump has done more for vets and their health and their job possibilities than the two presidents before him. It's nice to have a president who cares enough to take action instead of looking in the mirror all the time, like Obama, to see how cool he looked compared to George Clooney.

Anonymous said...

Your headlines about Trump are from Political and The Daily Beast'

LIBERAL sources, both, so take a healthy dose of skeptical salt when reading.

Anonymous said...

The BLM, antifa, in fact the entire U.S. media system will dry up if/when the Three Gorges dam blows this week and the CCP dies along with the mandate from heaven as well as Shanghai, Wuhan, etc.

Anonymous said...

@8:37 how in the hell can you say that cutting funding and services for the VA is doing anything for Veterans Health? Have you ever talked to a Vet?

This clown not only cut VA services, he's reduced funding for active duty Military support, by transferring funds from the Military to his own agenda, like re-building sections of the already existing barrier along the Mexican Border and claiming that thy are "new"!

That crap has to stop, which is why Veteran's Organizations have now named Trump "Benedict Donald", and say that he is the greatest Traitor that America has ever seen.

So, botski, tell your boss Vladimir that this string of bullshit lies won't work!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^8:37 is merely following the Fox line: "Trump has ________ (more) (better) than _____________ (a Democrat who is no longer in office)."

Amazing how effective that is with the geriatric set. Dementia and an ignorance of even recent history helps.

Anonymous said...

Anyone can see Trump is having problems with speech, word organization and his emotions. He uses "great, wonderful, the best, the biggest, greatest" over and over again. His vocab is limited. Even George W. Bush had a wider use of words. Trump repeats things, sometimes words like "greatest" twice in a row. Which is bad grammar. Something is wrong with him.

Anonymous said...

Not really, no.

Anonymous said...

Have they let Silver Alert Biden out recently? Lol.

Anonymous said...

Yes, @10:39, his Fourth Of July speech was telecast, and in my opinion, very well delivered.

Shame you missed it, guess Foxski News didn't carry it for some reason or the other.

Anonymous said...

Well, you're certainly an impartial evaluator.

Russia hysteria, check. Fox news strawman, check. You guys need new material.

Anyway, it's good that Rapey Joe is temporarily lucid! Maybe now he can answer the questions about his quid pro quo with Ukraine, or his rape of a staffer, or...

Oh, never mind. Maybe in another month they'll prepare him to deliver another horrifyingly sad 'town hall'. ;)

Trotter said...

I didn't miss it it was hilarious! He introduced himself like this, hello I'm the husband of Joe Biden LOL what a dumbass

Anonymous said...

10:51: Rapey Joe. Check. Grab 'em by the pussy. Ch... . Oops! That was someone else.

Anonymous said...

^^^ BULLSHIT! That's a LIE!
Watch it for yourself!

Anonymous said...

^^I did. He is a confused, demented, old fuck who cannot put a sentence together.
Now he thinks that he is his old lady.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Introducing oneself as Mrs. ____ is an old joke.

Kennedy said he was the man who accompanied Jackie Kennedy to Dallas.

Trump is running out the same divisive message he used in 2016.

Like most Americans, I'm not voting for Joe Biden. I'm voting for the person running against Donald Trump.

Anonymous said...

Trump 2020

Anonymous said...

Trump has had a stroke or something. He is not like himself anymore. I am serious. He has a medical issue. He is frail. His mind rambles. He cannot correctly see how people view him. If he could, he would be embarrassed. In any case, he will be dead in his grave in 20 years or less. He is old. Sick. Stressed out. Tired. And he cant do any harm or good once he is gone.