Thursday, July 30, 2020


Money line and scary glimpse at this town's future . . .

"The Missouri portion of the region is falling behind in every measure: per capita income, college degree attainment, population growth, job growth, and well as personal income and GDP growth."

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Kansas City is Falling Behind the Region

The Kansas City region is a rarity in that it straddles two states. Of the fourteen counties and 2.2 million residents in our metropolitan statistical area (MSA), only about 500,000 live in Kansas City, Missouri proper.


Anonymous said...

Duh, Patsy. It is saddled, dragged down and hindered by the lazy, shiftless, criminal negroes. Now send Tony his check.

Anonymous said...

Look at who is running the city and you have the reason why KC sucks

Byron Funkhouser said...

Depends on what some call "falling behind". To those, it means not having the money to support the "toy train", 18th & Vine, MLK signs, subsidize Power and Light, and overbuild hotels.

To others, we didn't need these expensive venues. Would have been happy with nicely paved streets, storm sewers that work, lower water bills, sidewalks fixed as promised. This city was fine as an overgrown "cow town" until dim "progressives" mortgaged its future to please greedy politicos and developers.

As a result..........Look around. Think about your vote for a fucking change.

Anonymous said...

If only KCMO actually had a municipal government that worked to provide the basic services and common sense necessary to help provide a healthy environment for residents, businesses, and visitors, all three, instead of the endless clown show it has suffered from for decades, the whole metro would be a lot better off.
KCMO is a sucking chest wound on the entire metro and a laughingstock of the entire country.
And the longer the semi-shutdown goes on, the more desperate the city's financial condition will become.
You 'aint seen nothing yet!

Byron Funkhouser said...

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Wow! Didn't see that coming. Kansas Citians had the opportunity to change the direction of the progress of the city. After years of increased crime, TIFF handouts, and a crumbling infrastructure with millions being sunk into the black hole of the Jazz District and other failures, they opted for an even more progressive, and obviously more clueless mayor in the form of Q Ball Lucas. Next time, don't be so naive. For those who voted for Q Ball, did you expect a different result than from Sly James? That's the definition of insanity.

Anonymous said...

Unsurprising confirmation that KCMO will become ghetto central sooner than later. All those delusional Brookside residents will flee for JoCo like rats leaving a ship on fire as the home invasions go crazy with murders and rapes. We don't want these idiots because they would just bring the stupid here. Go away.