Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Kansas City Star Continues Desperate Effort To Remove KCPD Chief Smith

This link tease reveals the so-called paper absolving the mayor and other LOCAL officials responsibility in favor of politically targeting the top cop.

Here's their link tease without any real need to push past the paywall . . . Read more:

Trump blames KC officials for policing failure. Does he know we don't have local control?

Kansas City Police Chief Rick Smith was in the audience at the White House on Wednesday as President Donald Trump charged that violent crime is up in Kansas City, and elsewhere where federal agents are going in, because local officials have failed to do their job.


Anonymous said...

Leave Rick Smith alone. He has served Kansas City well. Scapegoat someone else in your superficial attempt to correct 400 years of racial injustice.

Matt Dillon said...

The fake narrative that Kansas City does not have local control is just that, FAKE. The people on the police board are appointed by the governor, who gets the suggestions from the city. Then the Mayor sits as the head of the police board. How much more local control do you want. Quit falling for this false information. The way this is set up is that the city can blame the state for the police not getting things done (also false) and it makes news the citiens eat up with a spoon.

Anonymous said...

Jackson County has local control of the prosecutors office. See how that has worked out.