Sunday, July 12, 2020

Kansas City Star Considers Artsy Courthouse 'Cancel Culture' Alternative

The newspaper publishes a proposal for a public art standoff that probably doesn't make anybody happy . . . The link tease is more than enough required to dismiss the bad idea.

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Don't remove KC's Andrew Jackson courthouse statue. Create new art to challenge it

The Andrew Jackson statue in front of the Jackson County Courthouse is no longer on public display. Because it was vandalized recently, it is now enclosed in a tarp weighted down with sandbags. Although demands for its removal threaten whether the statue will even remain on display, the art conservation lab where I worked was asked to assess the graffiti scrawled on it.


Anonymous said...

High falutin sophistic bullshit. Transform it by melting it reusing the metal to create something for tge people.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Die Star, die! Quit trying to be anything but birdcage liner!

Anonymous said...

^^^You do the same! Please.

Anonymous said...

Yes Byron Funkhouse aka Fucking Retarded Asshole please do as 9:04 asks

Byron Funkhouser said...

I did not make the comment at 8:58.

That should really be obvious.

Somehow, you all have failed to impress me with your intelligence.

Byron Funkhouser said...

I did not make the comment at 10:05 either which should be obvious as I don't know how to spell intelligence.

Anonymous said...

It would be fun to watch this "art historian" make her erudite comments to a room full of BLM members and supporters.
She would likely find just how low-information individuals people can be and somehow it's hard to imagine that there would be much of a "discussion" about either history or art.
Yelling, threats, demands, nonsense would carry the day.
And the condition of the KCMO east side is a result of the same sad view and approach to life.

Anonymous said...

The KC Star is an arm of the Democratic National Committee of Anarchists. The newspaper lost its way a long time ago when it decided to piss off about half of its potential subscribers. What a brilliant business plan they hatched out with their brilliant minds. Look where it's gotten them ... bankruptcy court.

Anonymous said...

Byron has a split personality and his Conservative side is now commenting, followed by the denial of his Liberal side. This is a live version of Sybil in progress.
Maybe some Point / Counter Point arguments with himself on this blog would be entertaining. Waiting for one side to call the other an "ignorant slut." For all we know he may be beating the hell out of himself daily for the stupid shit he writes.
Sorry folks this is his feminine side whining about the others and my breasts are tender and I don't know why. They,Them & Us.

Anonymous said...

McClatchy, parent to the KC Star, is now history as soon as the bankruptcy judge signs off on the auction deal.

Hedge fund Chatham Asset Management, who had been buying up the debt and shares of McClatchy for several years, has prevailed in the bankruptcy auction.

Isn't it fitting that the group that took over the National Enquirer gossip rag now controls The KC Star? haha! Another trashy tabloid for their portfolio.

A large part of Chatham's strategy in acquiring the McClatchy Company is the ability to discharge their debt in bankruptcy. This includes McClatchy's long-time underfunded pension plan obligations. Chatham intends to dump this debt on the federal agency that's supposed to serve as an emergency back-up (even though this agency itself is essentially bankrupt).

Anyone currently receiving or anticipating pension payments from McClatchy is in for a rude awakening.

Anonymous said...

Maybe there will be some attempt by Chatham to return the Star to the days of balanced reporting instead of being a mouthpiece for the far left. Could it mean the end of hit pieces on all Republicans? For evidence, you need to only look at all the Star hit pieces levied at Pompeo, when he was still considering running for office in Kansas. Once he made a decision to stay in Washington, those kinds of stories mysteriously disappeared. It was a one-sided rag.

Anonymous said...

Apparently there is no corruption or wrong doing in Democrat politics, office holders and candidates.

What would they report on if it wasn't for Republicans?

NicK said...

its not art its racist propaganda