Saturday, July 04, 2020

Kansas City Saturday News Layout

This 4th of July morning we're inspired by a bit of iconic Pamela hotness along with with community news, pop culture and info from across the nation and around the world.

Kansas City Search For Solutions Continues

Local leaders gather to find solutions to unrelenting gun violence

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas wants Missouri Governor Mike Parson to call a special session of the Missouri Legislature to help find solutions to gun violence. 41 Action News spoke with Parson's office Friday, who said the governor and mayor spoke by phone Thursday night about a special session.

Kansas City Doggie-Style Crooks Caught On Camera

2 puppies stolen from pet store; theft caught on camera

A Kansas City pet store is having to completely change the way customers get to look at puppies.

Kansas City Royals Finally Return To The K

Kansas City Royals Hold Summer Camp Training at Kauffman Stadium

Members of the Kansas City Royals deal with the heat at the start of Summer Camp training at Kaufman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri on Friday, July 3, 2020. Major League Baseball is finally starting their 2020 season after the COVID-19 pandemic caused months of delays. Photo by Kyle Rivas/UPI

Pammy Shares B-Day Suit

Pamela Anderson Strips To Nothing But Skin Thanking Instagram Fans For Birthday Wishes

Pamela Anderson still got it, even on her 53rd birthday, that fell on July 1. The blond bombshell, who shot to fame with "Baywatch" and other movies that involved skin show, may not be active on the silver screen anymore, but she still managed to make an impression on her fans.

Prez Trup Proclaims 'We Will Not Be Silenced'

Trump blasts 'left-wing cultural revolution' in fiery Mount Rushmore speech

In a fiery Mount Rushmore speech Friday night, President Trump slammed what he called the "left-wing cultural revolution" that has led to "mayhem in the streets" and the toppling of historic statues. "They want to silence us. But we will not be silenced," Trump said to cheers of "USA! USA!"

U.S. War Games Cont'd

US Navy to send two aircraft carriers and several warships to South China Sea

The US Navy will send two aircraft carriers and several accompanying warships to the South China Sea in the coming days to participate in a military exercise, according to two US Navy officials.

Billioniare Creeper Accomplice Allegations Abound

Tammy Bruce calls Ghislaine Maxwell case a 'very important' reminder women are as capable of evil as men

Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce addressed the issue of "gender stereotypes" Friday while reacting to the story of a woman who claims Ghislaine Maxwell raped her between 20 and 30 times, beginning when the alleged victim was just 14 years old in 1991.

Second Check Coming Soon???

Here's When We'll Know Whether CARES Act Provisions-Including A Stimulus Check-Will Be Renewed

As Congress is headed for an 11-day crunch to agree on a new rescue package and have it signed by President Trump before a key provision of the $2.2 trillion CARES Act expires-with millions of Americans unemployed and new cases of the coronavirus soaring to alarming levels-here's what's at stake in the next round of legislation.

Booze Impacts Brits

Britain has one of the world's worst Covid death rates. Now many fear it's about to drink itself into chaos

(CNN) - The thought of a pint of beer in a proper pub is a dream that has sustained many people in the UK through the tough months of coronavirus lockdown, but as the doors to drinking establishments finally reopen after four months on Saturday, a potential nightmare looms. Just a week after thousands of British people flouted social-distancing rules to crowd beaches in a heatwave, it's feared the heady mix of alcohol and a sense of liberation from restrictions, at a time when daily infections are still in the hundreds, could prove disastrous.

Local Foodie Slice Of Life

Woster: Potato salad and the cousins from Kansas City | The Mitchell Republic

My mom used to make incredible potato salad for the main meal on Fourth of July. She really brought her "A'' game to potato salad on Independence Day. I don't know the ingredients - probably potatoes and, you know, other stuff from the pantry - but I know it was top-notch.

Exonerated Influencer

After spending 23 years in prison for a wrongful conviction, Ricky Kidd becomes viral sensation on Tik Tok

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It's been around ten months since Ricky Kidd was exonerated. Since then, his life looks completely different. He describes it as a wild and fast roller coaster ride with a whirlwind of meaningful and surprising moments. Kidd was freed from prison in September after spending 23 years behind bars for a [...]

Katie Talks July 4th Weather

Some areas could rain Saturday, but clearing for fireworks


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Anonymous said...

Pam still in pretty damn good shape at 53. Holding up much better than Kansas City.

Anonymous said...

"Trump blasts 'left-wing cultural revolution' in fiery Mount Rushmore speech"

Trump is so 2016. The times they are a changin'

Anonymous said...

You wish.

Anonymous said...

how does a woman rape another woman between 20 and 30 times?

Anonymous said...

Trump is right, the massive brain washing from the Chinese and Russian run us media is beginning to take its toll on the average American.

It has to end. The despicable dimwits are behind all this and they aren’t smart enough to control it or know what to do when their own brain washed idiots come after them.

Another civil war is coming, to coin a phrase of old..... the south is rising again!

Anonymous said...

8:28 fat black lesbians do it all the time

Anonymous said...

If Pelosi lowers her mask every time she talks, she might as well not wear one at all. It's obvious virtue signaling on her part.

Byron Funkhouser said...

8:34, none of what you said is true.

Snowflake, what you're seeing is democracy inaction.

If it frightens you, that's just too damn bad.

No, civil war is not coming.

Just some right wing gun owners looking for someone to shoot.

Anonymous said...

You right wing nutjobs are so cute when you're triggered!

Anonymous said...

8:34 like I mentioned to another about fifteen years ago - you all better hurry up or you'll lose......again.

Yes, I'm a northerner. Something I have realized over the years is that when the chips are down the white southern genre will turn to the black man or the black man will turn to the southern genre white man for consolation/help rather than turn to the likes of me. Seems natural.

Anonymous said...

Something else - you can credit the black girl for help keeping the white southern bloodline{s} from being contaminated from the northern strain of white man.

Example - during school years for me it was the black girls telling me no ____, you can't have her, she's a _____ or a ______. I'm thinking to myself she's got a nice body, white, pretty, smells good etc., but I couldn't figure out the no you can't have comments from the black girls.

Took a while to learn and I understand now.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the Veteran new nickname for Bonespurs… "BENEDICT DONALD"!

Anonymous said...

"Local leaders gather to find solutions to unrelenting gun violence"

Solution is too simple to explain here, but it isn't "gun violence". Next time you see a gun walking down the street shooting, take a video. You'll be famous as the first person to ever photograph a live gun.

Anonymous said...

Pammy is only 53? Shit she looks about 75. Drugs and alcohol can really take their toll.

Anonymous said...

There are males over the age of 17 living in Kansas city?

Anonymous said...

OK Boomer says look at broad swaths of history, not today's headlines.

The sixties radicals often changed and went to work on Wall Street in search of $$$.

Anonymous said...

I don't expect Epstein's girlfriend to see Sunday morning. Bill Barr's DOJ is going to off her just like they did Epstein.

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton's hitmen are going after her soon, just like they did Epstein.

Anonymous said...

Trump's the worried one. He keeps firing SDNY attorneys in an attempt to stop this case.

Epstein was done in under the supervision of Trump's AG Barr.

Q-anon might be right about a world wide child sex ring involving some of the worlds most powerful leaders. They are just in denial about Trump being the head of it.