Saturday, July 25, 2020

Kansas City Saturday Headline Look

Right now hottie Hope inspires this peek at Kansas City news and relevant info from across the nation . . .

Mask Up & More

Kansas City area urged to follow safe coronavirus practices

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - Health department officials in Kansas City and its surrounding three counties are pleading with residents to follow safety precautions amid an increase of coronavirus cases that they say could lead to further shutdowns and overwhelmed hospitals.

Kansas City Sky High Prices Persist Despite Pandemic

KCI airfares hardly budged in first quarter as pandemic began - Kansas City Business Journal

Nationwide, average airfares for domestic flights hit a record low during the first quarter of 2020, and Kansas City International Airport (Code: MCI) saw one of its lowest first-quarter inflation-adjusted average fares during the last 20 years. That's according to new quarterly data from the U.S.

Life Lessons Online

Kansas City Public Schools starting after Labor Day, online only indefinitely

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City Public Schools are joining three major districts in Johnson County, Kansas, in delaying the start of classes til after Labor Day. And students will only attend online to start the year. The KCPS plan is one of the more strict return to school plans in the metro.

Summer Hope Explored

Hope Beel Puts Her Cleavage On Display In A White Lace Bra: 'Feelin Cute'

Hope Beel went scantily clad for her most recent Instagram upload on Thursday night. The stunning model showed some skin as she revealed in the caption of the photo that she was "feelin cute." She tagged her location as Cabo San Lucas.

Farewell Regis

Regis Philbin Dies

"His family and friends are forever grateful for the time we got to spend with him - for his warmth, his legendary sense of humor, and his singular ability to make every day into something worth talking about," the Philbin family shares with PEOPLE in an exclusive statement

Civil Unrest Escalates

Three Injured in Shooting as Rival Armed Militias Converge on Louisville

Shots rang out in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday as hundreds of members of heavily armed militia groups converged on the city for a protest against police brutality. Louisville police confirmed three people were injured when a gun discharged as members of the "Not Fucking Around Coalition," an all-Black militia, gathered in Baxter Park shortly before 1 p.m.

Doc Report Delayed

Local TV stations across the country set to air discredited 'Plandemic' researcher's conspiracy theory about Fauci

Local television stations owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group are set to air a conspiracy theory over the weekend that suggests Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top expert on infectious diseases, was responsible for the creation of the coronavirus.

Growing Season Report

Kansans urged not to open, plant mysterious seeds mailed to them

MANHATTAN, KS (KCTV) -- If you have received seeds in the mail that appear to be from China and that you didn't order, departments of agriculture across the country are asking you not to plant them. The Kansas Department of Agriculture says that "several" Kansas residents have received such unsolicited packages.

Show-Me Guv Tagging Recent Demonstrations

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson on President Trump's plan to combat violence in US cities

Operation Legend is a Department of Justice initiative to combat the surge of violent crime in cities.

Royal Community Outreach

How the Kansas City Urban Youth Academy is doing its part to combat systemic racism

Angel McGee, manager of communications and outreach for the Kansas City MLB Urban Youth Academy (KCUYA), an affiliate of the Kansas City Royals, has witnessed firsthand the developments in the fight against systemic racism being made by the Royals.

Kansas City Craft Breweries United Across Communities

Kansas City Breweries Join Black is Beautiful Initiative to Support Black Lives Matter Movement and Related Organizations

Breweries across the country - including several in St. Louis and Kansas City - are joining the Black is Beautiful initiative. Established by Weathered Souls Brewing in San Antonio, Texas, Black is Beautiful is a beer developed to start and continue conversations and raise awareness about "the injustices that many people of color face daily."

Summer Sunday Preview

Heat, humidity stick around Sunday


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Anonymous said...

I have to bitch. Regis Philbin spent 15,660 hours on TV in his total career starting back in 1962 to 2019. The most of any tv personality.

I worked the same 15,000 hours in 6 years, since just 2014.

He made 21 million per year, Thats $1,750,000 per month, $350,000 a week, $70,000 per day. But he didnt even work 8 hours per day.....

15,660 working hours over 57 years is just 274 hours per year. 22 hours a month. 4 hours per week. Easy street.

Anonymous said...



Nice number crunch!

Anonymous said...

It was his looks and NYC accent. And people stupid enough to pay him that. Imagine 21mill per year. He musta been worth a few hundred milliion, my doctor who cuts on people's hearts doesnt make that and he is in the life and death business. Not laughs on a edited tv show. out society is screwed up. no wonder kids have no idea of what real worth is

Anonymous said...

Well I used to work 60 hours a week as a salaried exempt employee. And skipped my vacation and took the money instead as we were short handed and they couldnt really let staff take vacation.

I worked those 15600 hours in 5 years. And I didnt get any overtime pay, I was an exempt employee. 75k per year. For a local mutual fund record keeping firm. My 5 years pay was equal to 4 hours of his work. 4 hours

Anonymous said...

"Reg" was da bomb!

Anonymous said...

9:08 - your 5 years of work pay was equal to Regis's income earned while he was taking 16 bathroom breaks! I will let you "eat cake". Was he doing Cathy Lee or was it just a rumor?

Anonymous said...

Black militia carries loaded guns to a protest and then they shoot each other. More proof that blacks shouldn’t be allowed to own guns.

Why isn’t the media going nutz over them being allowed to carry loaded guns to a protest? They go absolutely bonkers when white people who by the way aren’t allowed to have Ammo within a mile of their guns at a protest and the news goes fucking crazy because.... despicable dimwits that’s why.

Why does everything the dimwits touch turn into such a shit show?

Anonymous said...

Regis must have opened those mysterious seeds and eaten them! He was the most overpaid man in the USA. Even Rock stars have to work real hard to earn 20 million a year.

Black militia? Well its everyone's right to form and carry AR-15's right? So dont complain.

Even the Muslims could form a militia and carry AR15's around your public streets. Fair is Fair is not a good thing

Anonymous said...

Well Regis is in for a huge surprise! You cant take anything with you when you die - except your sins / or forgiveness of sins.

If he didnt repent then he is in line for judgement and punishment. God always gives justice, even if you were rich and famous.

If he did repent and get forgiveness then he is enjoying himself.

I hope he repented and didnt rely on trying to work your way to heaven - no good works can even undo your sins.

Anonymous said...

Regis Philbin was a religious man, faithful to his wife, father, and he donated a lot of money to charitable causes. There is a lot of prep that goes into being on air. He worked a lot more hours than his airtime would indicate. And shame on everybody for their envy. That is one of the seven deadly sins and probably puts you on the path to the hotter place at the end. Our prayers should be that Regis is on his way to the beatific vision.

Byron Funkhouser said...

I had to scan the brewery article to see if any of my favorite brewers were stupid enough to get involved in the BLM bullshit. Thankfully!!! None. I promise to do my level best to avoid any business shoving this shit down our throats.

Anonymous said...

Regis Philbin "was" of Catholic faith. That faith believes good works will get you to heaven. But first you must spend a stint in purgatory. Only Mother Theresa and the saints were "good enough" to go "straight to heaven" when they died. Regis is in purgatory, a hellish never land, without God present, its uncertain how soon he will go to heaven. His family can purchase mary's or the saint's extra "goodness" credits, by holding masses and lighting candles for Regis's memory to get him out of purgatory faster. (if purgatory was a good place you wouldnt mind staying there forever). The church holds these extra credits in treasury and sells them outright as indulgences. NYC churches still have indulgences, google that funny story!

This is not what I believe. "Being a pretty good person" counts for nothing after death. being good is really flawed, its not good in God's eyes. If you swear just once, its such a serious crime against God that a 1,000,000,000 lifetimes of solid good works will not get you God's forgiveness and heaven. You are judged and given 1,000,000,000 years in hell for just swearing once. Then add on the extra years for all your other sins of lying, stealing, lusting, etc and you can see that you will be in hell forever as punishment, because you never really sinned against man, but against God, its his laws you broke. You pay his fine. So good works never get you to heaven, Jesus told this to the very best, most religious Jewish people of the day - the Pharasees. He flat out told them they were going to hell, based on good works. But God had mercy, sent Jesus to take your punishment for your all your sins, past and present sins, when he was crucified. So Jesus paid off your sentence/debt/fine of hell and you are not going to be punished in anyway if you accept and believe in his salvation and follow him by repenting and trusting in him. You dont have to pay anything, its available to anyone, you dont have to become a missionary, you dont have to do good works to win favor with God. Its like someone gave you a free parachute just as a plane starts to catch fire and crash. You are saved if you put on the parachute and use it. If you know about the parachute and dont wear it, its worthless. The Catholic church OFFERS NO PARACHUTE. Your told to save yourself, jump outta the plane and flap your arms fast, or maybe you will land in a deep fluffy snowbank and live, or can grab onto Mary's parachute as she floats down. REALLY???? Don't be fooled -there is no purgatory mentioned in the entire Bible or by Christ. There is only heaven and hell. People maybe sadly surprised in the end, if they see someone like Hitler who "repented at the last second" completely forgiven and joyfully in heaven. While they go to hell forever in spite of being a "pretty good person". Being a "pretty good person, pretty good catholic" doesnt cut it!

Anonymous said...

A lot of these breweries mentioned here brew terrible beer. I've tried many of them and the beers taste like the brew of amateurs, not professionals.

Anonymous said...

When is the "Albino is Beautiful" brew coming out? I'm hoping for something lighter than a Pale Ale.

Anonymous said...

Yeah if you die and have no relatives, who is going to pray you out of purgatory? You just sit there and rot forever. Is that why Catholics have so many kids, so a few of them will spring ya from purgatory? What if you have a medical issue and cannot concieve kids? Your destined to purgatory forever? The catholic goobly goop made up traditions dont fool me. The church just wants money. Did you know that Popes in older times assasinated each other to gain the position? Its not a real religion. Its a cult like scientology.

Anonymous said...

I could have guessed Regis was Catholic by his name. He was funny. You can't tell the Catholic church isn't the true way as its leaders rape small children. That is something more acceptable to a satanic cult. If people can't grasp that they are stupid. Rape is always wrong.

Anonymous said...

"Regis Philbin was a religious man, faithful to his wife, father, and he donated a lot of money to charitable causes". So what? Well so did Paubalo Escobar, the drug lord.

I didnt see anyone cutting Paubalo any slack. Even mafia hitmen attend catholic church then kill someone the same day. Priests that rape are religious too. But they don't belong to God's kingdom. God knows who is his.

Anonymous said...

Yeah being "good" doesn't save you from punishment. If it did, whats the cut off point? Tell under 5,000 lies you go to heaven, tell over 5,001 lies you go to hell? You people really think God has a hidden gradecard he hasnt told you about? Like Santa's leeway of giving out Christmas presents? Oh, murder? Since you haven't murdered anyone your ok? But what about the drugs you bought which gave the cartel money and they killed someone? Your purchase funded that murder? Or your taxes funded an A-10 that shot up some civilians? Who is innocent?

The deciding factor on punishment/no punishment is if your for God, or against God. Are you his? Not your own?

Anonymous said...

True Regis spent some time in addition to his 15,000 hours on the air, as part of his job. I spent years attending school grades kindergarten-12th grade, then 4 years of college for the benefit of my employer. Had I not, then my job would be much less productive in sales and my revenue would be lower. It cost me time and money. Also reading business books at home, spending hours shopping for the right clothes for the job. Researching potential client corporations and entertaining clients at dinners. We all put in extra time.

We dont all make $22,000,000 per year. I bet Regis put in a 30 hour week all times included.