Friday, July 31, 2020

Kansas City Royals Searching For Slugger

Despite Bubba's recent improvement, the home team still needs more power if this rebuilding year is to prove successful.

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Kansas City needs someone to step up to the plate-literally

There's a perception among Kansas City Royals fans that the offense is not a problem, or at least not a big problem. After all, last year's Royals had the guy with the most home runs in the league (Jorge Soler), the guy with the most hits in the league (Whit Merrifield), the guy with the second-most steals in the league (Adalberto Mondesi), and the guy with the most triples in the league (Hunter Dozier).


Anonymous said...

Could this be an lower on the concern list of your average person right now ? F__k the BLM supporting baseball players they shit on the ones that pay any attention to them.

Anonymous said...

Royals can and will rot. They pushed fans away with their shove down of BLM. Screw them.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet they absolutely did not, and nobody really cares if they kneel or not. Super weird.