Friday, July 17, 2020

Kansas City Royals Catching COVID-19

A preview of the shorter season ahead and the unlikely "return to normal" for pro sports . . . Read more:

2 more Royals players test positive for COVID-19

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- On Friday, the Royals announced that two more of their players have caught COVID-19. Nick Dini, a catcher, and Daniel Tillo, a pitcher, have now both tested positive. They are asymptomatic. Other players that have tested positive this month are Salvador Perez, Cam Gallagher, Ryan O'Hearn, and Brad Keller.


Anonymous said...

George Brett - say safe my friend!

Anonymous said...

yea, we still love the royals. take care, guys.

Same old crap said...

If they kneel during the national anthem I'll never watch those rich bastards again. I'll burn my royal shit.

Anonymous said...

They really need to play because they spent their millions already and now need more millions or they'll need to sell their HumVees and mansions.