Friday, July 03, 2020

Kansas City Restaurant Shut Down Part Deux

Panicked public, civil unrest and political flexing have decimated the local restaurant biz for 2020 . . . Here's another insult on top of injury:

Some Kansas City Restaurants Closing Again After Employees Test Positive For Coronavirus

To stay in business during the coronavirus pandemic, area restaurants retooled their models months ago, incorporating carry-out and to-go services. Those same places opened their dining rooms when municipalities gave the green light. Now, though, some are closing their doors, again - this time without carryout - after employees have tested positive for COVID-19.

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Anonymous said...

Well Your mayor let them piss in the streets and run around without masks so what did anyone expect, hand washing after every time they threw a brick? Then your mayor and chief of police kneeled down in that crap praising them. If those people were smart they would close up shop and move to a decent area out of KC.