Sunday, July 26, 2020

Kansas City Remembers Controversial Police Killing Of Ryan Stokes This Weekend

Activists commemorate a tragic anniversary and their continued efforts to help the family AND advocate for more police accountability.

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Family of Ryan Stokes holds rally for justice

GRANDVIEW, MO (KCTV) -- Friends and family gathered at John Anderson Park to honor the late Ryan Stokes on Saturday. It's now the 7th year in a row for the memorial. Tonight was different however, as they added a rally to their cause.


Anonymous said...

You don't hold anything in your hands when speaking to a policeman. Immediately declare you have, whatever it is to the officer. We all need to start looking at both sides of this. Chances are the officer is a very honest hard working neighbor being put in difficult situations with people that are always predictable. They are doing it so don't. They deserve our support and cooperation, it's civilization all !

Anonymous said...

Every black person is innocent in every cop related Death. Every cop is guilty. Never one mention about any Asian getting killed by a cop, nor Jew, nor Eastern European , nor..and the list is endless. Just Homosexuals and Blacks are innocent. Just cops are guilty.

Anonymous said...

Not saying the killings are justified, but they always start with someone not doing as the officer ask.

The Ayatollah said...

If he was killed by another black male would we be talking about his legacy (7) years later? So why exactly are we discussing it now?

Anonymous said...

the transcript is out for the cop and George Floyd. George Floyd himself asked to lay down on the street because he couldn't breath. The cops turned on the air condition in the car and George Floyd still said he couldn't breath and wanted to get out of the car to lay on the street. The cops did everything to help him. As they got him out of the car to lay him on the street George Floyd started to fight the cops.

Research Susan Rosenberg to find out who BLM is and who is involved. Many homegrown terrorists here in our city who are behind them and probably supporting them financially. These people are dangerous communists. Businesses are supporting them too! Millions

Byron Funkhouser said...

Why are conservatives so evil?

They have a psychological need to rationalize their war against Blacks.

There is something terribly wrong with a system that says a policeman has the right to kill you if you disobey his orders.

Citizen said...

Here's what's going to come out. A police officer who was on the scene of the shooting has given a deposition stating that his fellow officers lied and created a cover up.