Sunday, July 12, 2020

Kansas City Progressive Native-American Name Game Debate Persists

Public radio promotes an alliance betwixt Black Lives Matter activists and local tribes that only really exists in the minds of college students . . . Given that anyone who has ever been to the Rez or talked to Native people off the record knows their politics are every bit as confused as any American community. Still, this is an interesting thesis and advocacy for solidarity against Prez Trump and the GOP.

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Kansas Citians Fighting For Racial Justice Must Reckon With Indigenous History

As national support for the Black Lives Matter movement grows, calls for the removal of racist statues, brand names, and sports team names get louder. Kansas City is not exempt from the history, nor the conversation.


Anonymous said...

NONE of these groups support anyone other than themselves.
And NONE of the members, especially the "leaders" of each group are much interested in anyone other than themselves.
That's why after every big "movement" launch, the infighting immediately starts, the "philosophy" is forgotten, and the whole thing implodes.
Who's badmouthing who today?
It never changes.

Anonymous said...

New York is built on former Native American land, so let's give that back to them next week. Before the Native Americans had the land, cavepeople had it, so let's find their descendants and give it back to them. Look for anyone with an overhanging forehead.

Anonymous said...

Indian occupation of these lands contributed to this nations geographical naming but little else. Eliminate that means certain obscurity.

Anonymous said...

indians were given free land (reservations) which is more than I was given as a American. Plus Indians get monthly government checks. Spent on booze they can't handle, meth and busting out the front teeth of their wives and girlfriends is not the "in thing to do". What a pitiful situation. Dont give them anything else. They are enemies of the civilized society.

Anonymous said...

Indians are pagans. They do not recognize Judian/Christian values. They get high on drugs to communicate with "God". However God does not require strong drugs to be found. Indians are just pagans and heathens when it comes to religion. Nature is not a God. Its a creation of God. A rock is not God, it was created by God.