Thursday, July 23, 2020

Kansas City PPP Cash Disparity Revealed

We like this story because it's hard for ANYONE to take the higher amid a massive cash giveaway that pretty much debunks so-called Conservative complaints against socialism given that corporate welfare and stimulus that put nearly every American on the dole . . . Read more:

Less than 5% of PPP loans went to minority-owned Kansas City businesses, data shows

New numbers show minority-owned businesses in the Kansas City region were less likely to benefit from the Paycheck Protection Program.


Anonymous said...

There is a federal provision that makes it extremely difficult for any individual/business who advocates racism/discrimination from receiving a PPP loan.

Black Lives Matter?
Buy Black?
Reparations for Blacks?
Anti-Law Enforcement Protests?

Geez Quenisha! I wonder why we didn't get the loan for our black pussy hat business?

Anonymous said...

BS propaganda again. These people never stop. PPP is still open they extended it.
Employees have to be on payroll 8 weeks.
Money has to be used for payroll, rent, mortgage, utilities.
You have to apply and be eligible. If your business is so small you don't qualify then why apply?
A lot of small business don't qualify both minority and not minority that have no employees.
This is not just a minority thing it has affected everyone. To make a race issue out of it is just plain evil, there are a lot of minority business in my area that are thriving.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet you have zero idea what you're talking about. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the minority businesses either didn't try or couldn't figure out how to try. Either way, it's on them. Unweird.

Anonymous said...

If the MBE's and WBE's can't figure out how to bid a project in a matter of decades, they have little hope of learning how to apply for PPP money in a couple weeks.