Friday, July 03, 2020

Kansas City Patriotism Stays Losing???

Nearly one in three Americans feel less patriotic as a new survey shows this Fourth of July weekend, Americans are not as excited to celebrate the holiday.

Accordingly, here's a link reminding us of even worse times throughout history for the holiday . . . Read more:

Remembrance of Independence Days Past in Kansas City

On Independence Day 2020 the pursuit of happiness may seem more like a grim slog in search of fleeting relief. Kansas Citians have known the feeling before. Over the years Fourth of July celebrations often have referenced the Declaration of Independence and sometimes included public readings of it.


Anonymous said...

there are a lot of patriotic people. Not all bitches!

Anonymous said...

Fake News.

Truthful said...

You can’t take anything seriously in these so called articles. Strictly opinion. No Journalism here. Fictional writing from There’s your sign.The earth is flat and Elvis is still alive and the people of KC aren’t patriotic. Go tell California we put ketchup on our bbq too!

Anonymous said...

^^^ Hey Dude, 90% of what KC thinks is BBQ Sauce is a mix of Ketchup and Corn Syrup, the only variations are in how much of which hot sauce you toss in as well!

Anonymous said...

@9:12 is right, are a lot of patriotic people, which is probably why Trump's chances of re-election are so dismal!