Kansas City P&L District Comeback Starts With Country Music From The Distance

The politics of this celebration matches up this taxpayer subsidized district seems DESPERATE to get people back to overpaying for drinks. Read more:

Local Country Artists Will Take The Stage At The Power & Light District For Intimate Outdoor Concerts - In Kansas City

Kansas City Power & Light District's Hot Country Nights will look a bit different this summer amid the pandemic. Starting Thursday, the Power & Light District will hold Miller Lite Hot Country Nights: Homegrown Sessions, an intimate live-music experience showcasing local country acts in a comfortable, spacious outdoor setting.


  1. Will BLM be protesting these concerts since they’re country rather than Hip Hop?

  2. ^^^ I think that's the point. Nobody cares if the country bumpkins get sick.

  3. Especially since the P&L is nothing more than a failed drunk tank for KU grads, courtesy of the KCMO taxpayers.

  4. ^^says the closet drunk at 5:17AM from his lonely trailer in Frogville. Do better loser.

  5. 5:17 - What? MU grads stay at home playing with their nether regions?

  6. Might be an ulterior motive too. Maybe bring in tough country boys to clean up the BLM gators. These BLM pussies wilt when they’re confronted with people who won’t put up with their pansy behavior.


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