Sunday, July 19, 2020

Kansas City Newsie Week In Review

A worthwhile weekend chat from veteran journalists offers a glimpse at how the mainstream sees the local news scene.

Description . . .

"Nick Haines, Cat Reid, Steve Kraske, Dave Helling and Eric Wesson discuss Governor Kelly's decision to delay reopening schools until after Labor Day, teachers protesting in Lawrence about reopening schools, North Kansas City's return to classrooms, debates and disputes over masks, outrage over early release of Robert Courtney, the murder of a 3-year-old girl, Steve Watkins felony charges and more."

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Anonymous said...


Remember everyone, KCPT cancelled Ruckus because decades-long host Mike Shanin was said to have micro-aggressed a handful of liberal snowflakes with his occasional conservative interjections. This despite the Ruckus program featuring a 2:2 politically balanced panel every week.

Contrast KCPT's politically biased discrimination against the Ruckus program with how KC Week In Review and it's host Nick Haines is allowed to present a non-inclusive liberal-dominated panel, dominated each week by mouthpieces representing the liberal KC Star Editorial Board.

Case in point:
Dave Helling - biased liberal Democrat, member of the KC Star editorial board.
Steve Kraske - biased liberal Democrat, former member of the KC Star editorial board, and host of liberal KCUR radio station (NPR affiliate at UMKC).
Eric Wesson - biased liberal Democrat, writer for The Call newspaper.
Cat Reid - don't know her politics, works for KSHB which promotes liberal agenda.

KC Week In Review presents a lopsided liberal Democrat propaganda version of the news every week. There is NO BALANCE. Host Nick Haines is doing a disservice to metro residents who are looking for the truth.

KCPT President Kliff Kuehl is flagrantly violating the ethical standards for news media and public affairs programming. The community sees you, Mr. Kuehl.

Anonymous said...