Saturday, July 04, 2020

Kansas City Name Game Week In Review

Mainstream media consideration of debatable topics Kansas City has argued about this week.

Check the description . . .

"Nick Haines, Shannon O'Brien, Eric Wesson, Steve Kraske and Dave Helling discuss about the confusion and outrage surrounding face mask requirements, the incendiary text message sent to Mayor Lucas, the decision to remove J. C. Nichols name from fountain and parkway, the removal of Andrew Jackson statue and county name change consideration, the escalating homicide rate and K-State football boycott."

Take a look . . .

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Anonymous said...

they talk a good game. A few good points here.

The discussion of Jackson County was definitely the best part because that's going to be a real fight.

Anonymous said...


Haines' WIR finally beat Shanin's Ruckus this week in the ratings, and all it took was for KCPT to cancel Ruckus!

I want everyone to remember the explanation for Ruckus being cancelled (quoted from the website):
"As a trusted source for public media in the Kansas City area, KCPT monitors community feedback and evaluates station programming, services and initiatives to ensure they effectively fulfill the needs of the audiences we serve. With our viewers, members and community in mind, we have made the decision to pause the production of the weekly roundtable debate program Ruckus."

"KCPT will take some time to consider whether we might better use our station resources in support of another program, one that allows for differing opinions but maintains the standards expected of our organization."
Let me translate KCPT's weak explanation.
KCPT's liberal management has chosen to hide behind their "viewers, members and community" when targeting Ruckus during this time of uber Progressive protests. They can't stand the fact that decades-long Ruckus host Mike Shanin is personally Conservative, while every week inviting a balanced panel of 2 Democrats and 2 Republicans/Libertarians to discuss issues. Management wants to go back to their glory days when the Ruckette 4 consisted of 3 Democrats every week dominating the discussion.
Liberals are intolerant and not inclusive.

Don't believe me? Look at the facts! Do a historical review of the invited panelists on the Ruckus program versus the Week In Review program.

While Ruckus was previously lopsided with a Democrat panel, over the last 3-4 years it has always been balanced, giving both sides equal time. On the other hand, Week In Review has never been balanced. It primarily serves as a television mouthpiece for the extreme liberals of the KC Star editorial board (current and former members) and local media. It is ALWAYS dominated by the political Left, every week without exception.

So, Ruckus is being cancelled because they're balanced and present both sides, while WIR stays on the air as a Democrat/Progressive/Left news/opinion program? That makes KCPT, Kliff Kuehl, and Nick Haines out to be hypocrites.