Friday, July 17, 2020

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas Demands More Information From Police

All things considered, this is a nice effort in the name of "transparency" that might only resonate among fellow stat geeks but probably won't help the plebs given an aversion to even a modicum of research and the many "uncomfortable" trends which crime data reveal . . .

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Resolution #200575: Requesting that the City Manager develop a performance management reporting dashboard of certain policing statistics and data and requesting that the Kansas City Police Department provide certain relevant information to the City Manager on a recurring basis.

Deets and the Mayor's justification:

"Increased transparency and availability of relevant policing statistics and data is vital to maintaining strong community-police relations; and

"WHEREAS, the City desires to provide relevant KCPD policing statistics and data that is easily accessible to the public; and

"WHEREAS, in order to provide transparency, accountability, and the opportunity to communicate expectations and results to the public the City Council has directed the City Manager to maintain a public-facing data and performance management initiative (DataKC); and

"WHEREAS, DataKC has the capacity to create an online dashboard that regularly compiles and tracks information regarding policing statistics and data for the public to consume . . ."

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

the stats show us that you have more to worry about in your own neighborhood than any threat from police. Publish them and watch the "dashboard" go ignored.

Anonymous said...

What the Council and City Manager do don't mean shit. The state appointed police board is what matters. It must be obvious by now that local control would be the ruination of the city.

Anonymous said...

Local control is coming. Your comment is ridiculous and implies that because they don’t answer to the city they can’t provide transparency. What is there to be afraid of? Oh that’s right, they spend millions and do nothing. You may be surprised what you think the police do and what they actually do is different from night and day. FOH

Anonymous said...

Cornell University is apparently churning out idiots assembly line fashion.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but the locals can't even run their own grifts properly. This corrupt city and town can't even be trusted to run themselves.

Anonymous said...

Example: the Chief told the BOPC that they seized 180 guns in June. This number would appear to show officers getting lots of guns off the street. In realty, many of these guns were actually holds and returned to their owners. A true statistic would be how many guns were illegal and how many resulted in charges and how many resulted in convictions. However in true BOPC fashion, nobody asks the department these tough questions.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I knew Mayor McDrinkerson would get back to empty pandering sooner or later! The city's exploding with murder, and this impotent stooge wants to push the police around for thug cred.

Anonymous said...

Example: Another statistic is homicides clearance rate. Each week the department reports out to the Mayor and others what factors are involved in the latest homicides. This information should be made public.

Anonymous said...

@8:23 the Mayors actions are being driven by public outcry. 3/4 of Americans believe police violence toward citizens is a major problem. Many Americans of all races are demanding reforms. Either KCPD will make these reforms on their own or the public will force elected officials to act. This may be a hard pill to swallow for people like you that rather bitch than seek constant improvement. FOH

Anonymous said...

Wrong on multiple levels.

To the extent that Mayor McDrinkerson is in charge of his own actions, he is wholly motivated by media attention and nauseating self-promotion. It's his only real skill set.

Yes, dupes of all hues have fallen for the woke-fraud marketing event called BLM. In fact, it's mostly white suburbanites. Yet there is no real evidence that there is disproportionate police killing based on race.

You won't force shit, quite honestly. Just admit that your attack on law enforcement is a distraction from the black on black genocide constantly underway.

You actually believe your own bullshit, though, which is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

8:34 Suspects kill police at a rate of 15-1 higher than police versus suspects. Get off the weed and try reality for a change.

Silvestor orgalthorpe said...

“...demands more information from police”?

Well then, all the police have to do is hand the mayor a city map with Prospect ave circled in red

The Ayatollah said...

Dudes on their knees don’t demand anything except Bukake!

Anonymous said...

This shit is exactly why any same person is AGAINST local control.

Q would have done what other weak leftist mayors did...have the police stand down n let the marxists wannabes loot n burn kc including the plaza.

Now mr take a knee wants more info...where has he been over the last 100 thug murders and 100s of shooting...for every murder there are 4X as many shooting victims that live thanks to the Truman and research tramau doc.s

Worthless virtue signaling mayor.

Too weak to call out the thug black culture instead tries to escape goat the police.

Anonymous said...

No thank you Mr. Mayor.

Anonymous said...

And we demand that Our Mayor resign for being a limp ass achiever. More worried about joining social protests, not actually about the Murder rate.

Anonymous said...

There has been less than 30 officers killed in this country by gun fire. More have been killed by Covid and auto crashes. Please stop listening to Trump.

Police kill dozens each day in this country. Although many are justified, some are not. That’s the problem.

Anonymous said...

The murder rate will never get lower than it is now. Killing a stranger has a less than 20% chance of being caught. Killing an acquaintance only slightly better. With those odds, why would someone want to cooperate with the police.

Anonymous said...

10:18 says police kill dozens a day. 365x12=4,380. I don’t think that is possible. That is fake news.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the friend of the minorty population that is throwing a childish fit is going to get information from the adults. Things should be kept from the head child until after he is out of office.

Anonymous said...

Numbers: In 2016 there were around 4000 black on black murders and 250 police on black killings. A ratio of 16:1 in terms of who is killing blacks. 1% of blacks engaged in violent crime. 99% didn't.

An average of 64 officers die per year from a felonious act. Officers in 2016 killed 1093 citizens. Crudely put, Police win by ratio of 17-1.

Citizens have focused on the police because of too many shocking videos of police shooting and killing unarmed citizens in the back or without good cause.

No amount of statistics will undo the visual impact of these snuff videos on the minds of citizens. Citizens feel the police should be answerable because police are our employees. Too many armed police professionals have been videoed doing bad stuff. Black eye.

Despite what you see, the number of police killings of unarmed US citizens are actually amazingly low and almost always justified.

On the other hand, decades of police killings and brutality were routinely swept under the rug.

Then, cellphone and video recordings began to contradict official police versions of events. The exposure of obvious police falsifications eroded police credibility. Negative public perception plus loss of much public trust is the reality police have to deal with.

Like most professionals, LE are now under the microscope and it takes a while to adjust to the light.

Police are now being held to legal standards of conduct that require the minimum force necessary for an arrest. It's the law: minimal force is the only way they earn back trust.

Will this trendy crackdown and prosecution of LE save many black lives? No. Police killings are not anywhere close to being the the main contributor. On the other hand, unecessary police violence and killings are now high-profile and high-priority prosecutable offenses and that should have a deterrent effect on nonsensical police killings and beatdowns. At least this particular and small cause of black deaths and injuries is being addressed. It's a start, not a solution.

Anonymous said...

If the Mayor really cared about this city he would've done something about the crime problem months ago. Instead he was more worried about more than ten people being in a restaurant. All he cares about is his image and being PC. He is a phoney.

Anonymous said...

Can we demand that this idiot Mayor resign already? Just when I thought he couldn't be an more incompetent he surprises me once again.

Anonymous said...

Dozens each day? Really? Are you sure you're not referring to the dozens of blacks killed by other blacks each day?

Anonymous said...

Minimal force against thugs who only know force...what fairyland do you live in?

Anonymous said...

8:20 you forgot 'petty'. What are other adjectives folks?

Anonymous said...

Not minimal force: minimal force necessary. Big difference. It marks the boundary between legit policing and police brutality.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

616 every arrest would either be waiting for the thug to surrender or a negro lottery lawsuit alleging excessive force...or I guess not much different than win, I guess.

Anonymous said...

In a town where voter turnout is very low, yes.

Anonymous said...

Cops are threatened constantly by the black "community" folks. The police would like to safely return home to their families after their shifts.

I would like to see them back away from any attempt to "solve" black on black murders. Let them kill each other at will. Maybe, just maybe the "community" would reach a point where they appreciated and desired police involvement.

In the meantime, not one officer's life is worth being taken by these thugs.

Take the restraints off legal gun owners allowing them to protect life AND PROPERTY, and watch the CHANGE in behavior. The St. Louis couple should have had the right to shoot uninvited thugs on their property.

There are millions of rounds sitting in closets, garages, basements etc. in this city, waiting for the time when law finally breaks down completely. Then there will be a bloodbath, but not the usual suspects getting killed.

Anonymous said...

darn it, folks, isn't lucas actually doing a good job of threading the needle in a difficult time?

Anonymous said...

Not one bit. He's done nothing but do photo ops with the thug constituency and flail impotently around while the city bleeds.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm being pointy headed here but no one can snap their fingers and magically fix urban crime. Even Lucas can't conjure up a spirit from the swamp that banishes all evil.

Discussion: What long term factor correlates with urban criminal behaviors? #1 fatherless homes encouraged by welfare rules, moral choices, and mass incarceration.

What creates an immediate reduction in urban crime: policing, prison, and concealed carry. True.

The difficult longterm fix for preventing crime seems to be long term re-engineering of urban life to encourage stable homes and employment. That means community investment.

That means money from someone's pocket for basketball courts, social workers, and neighborhood security patrols. And yes, more police for communities that want them. And who knows, it might even work.

Related fact: Amazon owned by a billionaire paid zero dollars Federal tax last year. ZERO. Maybe corporations out of the goodness of their hearts will get off corporate welfare and chip in to help redress economic imbalance? Not.

Not when three US billionaires own as much as the entire bottom half of the US population. They ain't giving that moolah up, not for your health care, not for your security, not for nothing.

In fact, they want more of what little you got left and they've got Congress and Uncle Sam doing their bidding.

They finance Fox news messaging to provoke racist whites who then pick on local black communities while the real looting of America proceeds as business as usual in wealthy corporate boardrooms and Congress. No smashed windows, no investigative reporting, no cameras allowed. Do you see where this leading?

The Feds are not in town to arrest any bankers. They will trot out a few hapless white guys for the media - antifa, racists, whatever - to seem even-handed. Trust me, no white bankers or execs will get arrested. Bankers don't go to jail, blacks do.

I get it: crime is up close, racially concentrated, traumatizing, and personal. Violent criminals should be incarcerated. Police should be able to do their job. But when preventable community causes of criminality go unaddressed because the money is siphoned off for bridges to nowhere, for-profit prisons, and corporate tax giveaways ... well it's time for a change in tactics.

Justified or not, attacking minorities will not improve outcomes. It's an impractical behavior because it doesn't change anything.

There is no whitebread utopia to be built. It is a mythical narrative used to control your brain and manipulate your perception of reality. It is an emotional leash. An appealing identity-fantasy.

The reality is that reducing crime will take money, big money, billions. Enough money buys peace. Money buys safety. Money can reduce crime.

Pull the racist ring out of your nose my friend. Unplug. Understand how and why you were led down this dead end finger-pointing path to unempowered dissatisfaction while other whites became billionaires at your expense. You've been played like a pitbull. Just like your liberal counterparts. Then you both go at eachother while the big boys jet off to their private island retreats.

Follow the money my friend. Open your eyes. See where it goes, because more and more folks on both sides of the aisle are waking up and want it back.

Anonymous said...

At least Pete Buttegieg came out of the closet.

Bandit Darville said...

Q Ball is going to run out of money very soon to fund his stupidity and micromanaging. Maybe he could as the governor for help. Oh wait! He did and it blew up in his face. I guess he's screwed!

Anonymous said...


Never met his biological father.

Raised by dysfunctional females. Momma didn't know who little Quinton's father was, and accused an innocent man in court.

Campaign Theme: "Born a poor black child, and experienced homelessness."

"White Institutional Racism" afforded him a private prep school and Ivy League education. Those white people are monsters, aren't they?

Joined KU Law School faculty as part of a special "diversity/inclusion outreach" effort.

Claimed he was a "Professor" when he was really a lecturer.

Owns no real estate in KCMO. Was late paying his vehicle taxes in the past.

Lives in a KCMO City-owned building that pays no real estate taxes.

Isn't married, and has no children. He could pack up his things and move tomorrow, with no strong ties to KCMO.

Pretends to be a BLM SJW, but his campaign was funded and run primarily by white well-to-do JoCo and Ward Parkway corridor interests.

Didn't stop the KCI terminal boondoggle,
Didn't stop the Burns and McDonnell HQ expansion giveaway,
Didn't stop the ToyTrain fiasco,
Hasn't reined in the KCFD budget and overtime fraud,
Pretended to be friends with KCPD and then stabbed them in the back,
Publicly dissed KCPD Chief Smith,
Failed to address KCMO homicide epidemic, wrote a desperate plea to Governor Parson to save him, then accuses the feds of occupying KCMO,
Teamed with Dr. Democrat to shutdown KCMO businesses by overly hyping a virus which has taken a fraction of the those killed by homicide in KCMO,
All while constantly promoting himself to the national media in a flagrant demonstration of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Anonymous said...

Do it. "Demand" more info. Publish it. It will show what we all know. It will show where the crime is and who is committing the crime. That will make the people in those areas feel really swell. They may even march and chant, "What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!"

Anonymous said...

And as soon as he refuses to a Sunshine Law request for records can be made to get them anyway

Anonymous said...

Where are Saturday’s posts?