Kansas City Mask Order Scientific Research Unclear Until November 4th

Don't get it twisted, TKC still thinks that masks are a low risk way to stay safe and show solidarity with workers forced to wear them.

Nearby frustration . . .

Springfield woman sues over mask mandate: 'Not my responsibility'

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Mask mandates working? Health experts say it will take weeks to know

The Kansas City area needs a couple more weeks to know if mask mandates implemented just before the Fourth of July holiday are working, according to four top public health experts KMBC 9 News spoke with Thursday.As the nationwide debate over mask usage has intensified, more governments and retailers have required masks.


  1. I happen to look GREAT in a mask and wear one whenever I can - even in bed! Mandates forever! The only problem I have is when I wear a ball cap and sunglasses and head into a liquor store while wearing a mask. I get strange looks.

  2. masks save lives.

    not all lives, but some.

    same as seatbelts.

  3. Springfield Karen?

  4. My mask is Deadpool! I get to throw out lots of obscene one liners to wheezing bags of dick tips wearing it. #BONUS

  5. Bandit Darville7/24/20, 6:53 PM

    I already called this. The nonsense will continue until November. Demonrats want their power (which they see as their birthright) back so badly that they can taste it.

  6. Lemmee guess we won't know until after the first Tuesday in November

  7. Bandit Darville7/24/20, 9:24 PM

    Pretty much and I don't give a damn. Time to calling spades spades. Just watch, that will get turned into a racist statement by some pansy bed wetter.


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