Saturday, July 04, 2020

Kansas City Loves Fireworks Despite Patchwork Metro Regulations

Technically, fireworks for personal use are illegal inside of KCMO city limits . . . But that NEVER mattered and the rules against impromptu displays are exceptionally meaningless this year.

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Fireworks sales exploding after COVID-19 forced many cities to cancel large July 4th celebrations

It's probably going to be a lot noisier this July 4th in neighborhoods across the area. With large fireworks shows canceled because of COVID-19 and tight budgets, there's been an explosion of fireworks sales. At Pyro City in Lone Jack, inventory is at an all-time low.


Anonymous said...

China's been real busy this year supplying us with fireworks product.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people KCMO will claim they can't pay rent this month but will spend $500 plus on fireworks.

A friend brother has two firework stands and is having a record year and after last night was 90% sold out.

KCMO is going to blow up tonight.

He said a scam thats going around is people are selling their assistance debt cards for cash then buy fireworks with them. Come Monday they say they lost the card and need a new one. So if you're one of the smucks who bought a card you best use it fast before it goes dead.

Anonymous said...

Lots of trailers blown off their cinder blocks by Trump supporters today.